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Vestil BOLPP Permanent Bollards

Vestil BOLPP Permanent Bollards
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$64.00 - $225.00
SKU: BOLPP-48-5.5
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Vestil BOLPP Permanent Bollards, models BOLPP-24-5.5, BOLPP-36-5.5, BOLPP-42-5.5, & BOLPP-48-5.5 are pour in place bollards designed to be set in concrete. Bollards are extra long allowing the installer to maintain desired height when setting in concrete. Welded anchoring tabs and a removable cap are included allowing bollards to be filled with concrete for increased strength. Vestil BOLPP permanent bollards are made 100% of steel and have a safety yellow powder coat finish for high visibility.

Mounting hardware, hooks, and chains for creating extended barriers are optional (See Options chart below & photo above).


Vestil Permanent Bollards are built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 5 business days.



Vestil BOLPP Permanent Bollards:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Outside DiameterUsable HeightOverall HeightWeightPriceQty
BOLPP-24-4.5Permanent Bollard4-1/2"25"35"19 LBS $64.00
BOLPP-36-4.5Permanent Bollard4-1/2"36.5"46.5"21 LBS $84.00
BOLPP-42-4.5Permanent Bollard4-1/2"42.5"52.5"34 LBS $94.00
BOLPP-48-4.5Permanent Bollard4-1/2"48.5"58.5"47 LBS $134.00
BOLPP-62-4.5Permanent Bollard4-1/2"62"72"90 LBS $157.00
BOLPP-72-4.5Permanent Bollard4-1/2"72"82"90 LBS $185.00
BOLPP-24-5.5Permanent Bollard5-9/16"25"35"19 LBS $71.00
BOLPP-36-5.5Permanent Bollard5-9/16"36.5"46.5"21 LBS $95.00
BOLPP-42-5.5Permanent Bollard5-9/16"42.5"52.5"34 LBS $119.00
BOLPP-48-5.5Permanent Bollard5-9/16"48.5"58.5"47 LBS $142.00
BOLPP-62-5.5Permanent Bollard5-9/16"62"72"80 LBS $167.00
BOLPP-72-5.5Permanent Bollard5-9/16"72"82"99 LBS $200.00
BOL-DRINGD-RING For Chain Attachment - 6" From Top - Factory Welded1 LBS $18.00
BOL-JHOOK"J" HOOK For Chain Attachment - 6" From Top - Factory Welded1 LBS $25.00
SNAP-H-25Snap Hook1 LBS $3.00
BOL-CHAINYellow Powder Coated Chain - Sold By The Foot1 LBS $3.00
BOL-JK-CN66' of Galvanized Proof Coil Chain2 LBS $7.00
BOL-JK-CN1515' of Galvanized Proof Coil Chain5 LBS $20.00

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