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Vestil Bench Scales - Legal for Trade

Vestil BS-915-1212-100 Bench Scale
Vestil BS-915-2424-1000 Bench Scale
Vestil BS-915BT-2424-1000 Ball Top Bench Scale
Vestil BS-915BT-2424-1000 Roll Top Bench Scale
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SKU: BS-915-1212-100


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Vestil Bench Scales are ideal for high-volume applications such as markets, docks and food processing and are legal for trade. These bench scales have a mild steel platform and an interlocking 304-type stainless steel tray for easy cleaning, and feature an environmentally sealed aluminum single point load cell. The LCD display can be placed up to 4ft away from the base, and can be tilted to a convenient angle. Display shows lbs, kgs, ounces and grams. Include a rechargeable battery and AC adaptor. Connection port RS-232; IP65. Vestil Bench Scales feature adjustable feet for increased traction.

Model BS-915BT-2424-1000 features a ball top platform, while BS-915RT-2424-1000 has a roll top platform.

Vestil Bench Scales have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 5 to 10 business days.



  • 12" x 12" to 24" x 24" platforms available
  • Capacity: 100 LBS to 1000 LBS (see below)
  • Size: 12" x 16" x 17" to 24" x 28" x 33"
  • Display shows lbs, kgs, ounces and grams
  • Include a rechargeable battery and AC adaptor
  • Connection port RS-232; IP65
  • Made of 304 stainless steel



Vestil Bench Scales:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Capacity x ReadabilityOverall Size (WxLxH)WeightPriceQty
BS-915-1212-10012" x 12" Platform100 LB x 0.2 LBS12" x 16" x 17"25 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-1214-15012" x 14" Platform150 LB X 0.2 LBS14" x 18" x 17"26 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-1616-30016" x 16" Platform300 LB x 0.5 LBS16" x 20" x 26"34 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-1620-40016" x 20" Platform400 LB x 0.5 LBS16" x 24" x 26"40 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-1818-40018" x 18" Platform400 LB x 0.5 LBS18" x 22" x 26"42 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-1824-50018" x 24" Platform500 LB x 0.1 LBS18" x 28" x 33"66 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-2020-50020" x 20" Platform500 LB x 0.1 LBS20" x 24" x 33"64 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-2424-50024" x 24" Platform500 LB x 0.1 LBS24" x 28" x 33"72 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915-2424-100024" x 24" Platform1000 LB x 0.2 LBS24" x 28" x 33"72 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915BT-2424-100024" x 24" Platform - Ball Transfer Top1000 LB x 0.2 LBS24" x 28" x 33"74 LBSRequest Quote in Cart
BS-915RT-2424-100024" x 24" Platform - Roller Top1000 LB x 0.2 LBS24" x 28" x 33"76 LBSRequest Quote in Cart

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