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Vestil AWR-38-HR Aluminum Walk Ramps With Handrails

Vestil AWR-38 Aluminum Walk Ramp With Handrails
Vestil Aluminum Walk Ramp With Handrails
AWR-38 Style A - Overlapping, rests on truck bed
AWR-38 Style B - Hooks to truck extensions
Ramp Cart - Model AWR-R-CART
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SKU: AWR-38-14A-HR


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Vestil AWR-38-R Aluminum Walk Ramps With Handrails allow the user to easily load and unload trucks when a loading dock or forklift is not available. Ramps are 38" wide with 36" of usable width. Hand railings increase stability and security and are 40¼" high with a 18⁷⁄₁₆" mid-rail. These lightweight Aluminum Walk Ramps feature a 1½" high safety curb on each side and heavy duty steel chains with steel grab hooks to safely secure ramp to truck. Ramps are available in overlapping or steel hook style truck attachments. Vestil Aluminum Loading Ramps With Handrails are made of durable aluminum alloy with a non-skid tread surface for a long service life.


Vestil AWR-38 Aluminum Walk Ramps With Handrails are built to order and normally leave the warehouse in 5 business days.


Aluminum Walk Ramps are available in two styles:

STYLE "A" - overlapping style that rests on the truck bed

STYLE "B" - connects via steel hooks that mount to truck extensions


Not For Use With Forklifts, Pallet Trucks, or 3 Wheel Trucks.



  • Ramp Cart - Provides for easy one person ramp transport and positioning, easy bolt on installation, minimum service height is 14" with this option: Model AWR-R-CART-38




Vestil AWR-38 Aluminum Walk Ramps With Handrails:
SKUCapacity/Desc.LengthStyleSvc RangeCapacity: 4 Wheel Cart / 2 Wheel CartWeightPriceQty
AWR-38-6A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable6'A6"-21"2800 LBS / 2000 LBS124 LBS $983.00
AWR-38-7A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable7'A6"-25"2800 LBS / 1800 LBS126 LBS $1,070.00
AWR-38-8A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable8'A6"-29"2500 LBS / 1650 LBS150 LBS $1,149.00
AWR-38-9A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable9'A6"-33"2500 LBS / 1600 LBS157 LBS $1,223.00
AWR-38-10A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 10'A6"-38"2200 LBS / 1500 LBS173 LBS $1,354.00
AWR-38-12A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 12'A6"-46"1900 LBS / 1400 LBS226 LBS $1,753.00
AWR-38-14A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 14'A6"-54"1600 LBS / 1200 LBS252 LBS $1,962.00
AWR-38-16A-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 16'A6"-62"1000 LBS / 1000 LBS286 LBS $2,112.00
AWR-38-6B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable6'B6"-23"2800 LBS / 2000 LBS124 LBS $944.00
AWR-38-7B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable7'B6"-27"2800 LBS / 1800 LBS126 LBS $1,060.00
AWR-38-8B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable8'B6"-31"2500 LBS / 1650 LBS150 LBS $1,127.00
AWR-38-9B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable9'B6"-35"2500 LBS / 1600 LBS157 LBS $1,208.00
AWR-38-10B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 10'B6"-40"2200 LBS / 1500 LBS173 LBS $1,330.00
AWR-38-12B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 12'B6"-48"1900 LBS / 1400 LBS226 LBS $1,732.00
AWR-38-14B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 14'B6"-54"1600 LBS / 1200 LBS252 LBS $1,937.00
AWR-38-16B-HR38" Wide/36" Usable 16'B6"-64"1000 LBS / 1000 LBS286 LBS $2,106.00

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