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Vestil Aluminum Dock Plates 1/2"

Vestil EH-4836 Aluminum Dock Plate
Vestil Dock Plate
Vestil DRP-2616 Dock Plate Rack
Vestil Aluminum Dock Plate
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SKU: EH-4836


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Vestil Aluminum Dock Plates are a low cost solution to increasing the speed and ease of loading and unloading trucks. Dock plates span the opening between the dock and trailer to allow pallet trucks and hand trucks to safely and efficiently move goods on and off of trucks. The top is non-skid tread plate with an 11 degree bend located 9" from edge of the plate. Handles are located on each side of dock plate for easy portability. Vestil aluminum dock plates are made 100% of ½" thick high strength aluminum making them light and durable. Locking legs meet OSHA standards.

Not designed for forklift use.



  • Locking legs are OSHA compliant
  • The bend is 11 degrees and 9" from edge of dock plate
  • Tread plate deck provides traction
  • Made from ½" thick high strength aluminum alloy
  • Handles come standard on both sides of unit



  • Dock Plate Storage Rack - Model DPR-2616
  • 12' Anti-Theft Chain - Model ATC-12
  • Smooth Deck With Grip Tape - Model SDP
  • Special Bend - Model SBL
  • Second Bend Location - Model S2B
  • Special Location of Legs - Model SLL
  • For other size models than those in the chart below, please contact us for a custom quote.




Vestil Aluminum Dock Plates:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size WxLHeight DifferentialWeightPriceQty
EH-30245200 LBS30"x24"3"42 LBS $293.00
EH-30304100 LBS30"x30"4"50 LBS $335.00
EH-30363500 LBS30"x36"5"61 LBS $408.00
EH-30482600 LBS30"x48"774 LBS $526.00
EH-36246200 LBS36"x24"3"49 LBS $343.00
EH-36305100 LBS36"x30"4"60 LBS $401.00
EH-36364300 LBS36"x36"5"85 LBS $467.00
EH-36483000 LBS36"x48"7"89 LBS $591.00
EH-48248200 LBS48"x24"3"55 LBS $454.00
EH-48306300 LBS48"x30"4"73 LBS $531.00
EH-48365300 LBS48"x36"5"89 LBS $613.00
EH-48424300 LBS48"x42"6"103 LBS $743.00
EH-48483800 LBS48"x48"7"118 LBS $826.00
EH-48602900 LBS48"x60"9"153 LBS $1,025.00
EH-602410000 LBS60"x24"3"75 LBS $507.00
EH-60307800 LBS60"x30"4"88 LBS $646.00
EH-60366600 LBS60"x36"5"109 LBS $746.00
EH-60425500 LBS60"x42"6"127 LBS $866.00
EH-60484800 LBS60"x48" 7"145 LBS $979.00
EH-60603700 LBS60"x60"9"177 LBS $1,220.00
EH-722411900 LBS72"x24"3"87 LBS $604.00
EH-72309500 LBS72"x30"4"106 LBS $778.00
EH-72367800 LBS72"x36"5"173 LBS $894.00
EH-72485900 LBS72"x48"7"205 LBS $1,219.00
DPR-2616Dock Plate Storage Rack - will increase lead time24 LBS $125.00
ATC-12Anti-Theft Chain - 12' Long10 LBS $38.00
SDPSmooth Deck With Grip Tape0 LBS $125.00
SLLSpecial Location of Legs0 LBS $31.00
SBLSpecial Bend0 LBS $42.00
S2BSecond Bend Location0 LBS $75.00

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