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Vestil Aluminum Dock Boards - 12,000 LB / 84"

Vestil Aluminum Dock Board With Curbs
12,000 LB Aluminum Dock Board
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SKU: BTA-12008430


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Vestil BTA Aluminum Dock Boards bridge the gap between loading dock and truck allowing a forklift to quickly and easily load and unload trucks. These heavy duty OSHA compliant aluminum dock boards have a 12,000 LB capacity, anti-slip tread plate deck, and a beveled edge allowing for smooth entry and exit. Locking legs hold the dock board steady during use and are designed to be slightly uneven allowing the dock board to sit canted for easier pickup by a forklift for transport. Welded aluminum safety curbs aid in preventing runoffs and provide a visible through lane for the forklift driver. Aluminum dock boards feature a bend that is 11° and 9" from the edge and legs that are 12" from the edge. Constructed of high strength aluminum for years of reliable service.

Vestil BTA Aluminum Dock Boards are built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 to 25 business days.

When Selecting A Dock Board:

  • The width of the dock board should be at least 15 inches wider than the forklift or load passing between the curbs.

  • When using a three-wheeled forklift, a dock board with a capacity at least four-times the lifting capacity of forklift is required.

  • Capacities for dock boards vary depending on what type of equipment you are using to carry the load. To determine what capacity of dock board you need based on your equipment click this link: Aluminum Dock Board Capacity



  • 12,000 LB capacity
  • 84" wide
  • Welded aluminum curbs for safe operation
  • Beveled edge or easy entry and exit
  • Locking legs sit 9" from the edge of the dock board and are canted
  • The bend is 11 degrees and 9" from edge of dock board
  • Tread plate deck provides extra traction
  • Made from high strength aluminum
  • OSHA compliant


Options (see chart below):

  • Lever Lift, Pops Board Edge Up For Easy Fork Access When Moving Unit
  • Special Bend Location
  • Second Bend Location
  • 12' Anti-Theft Chain




Vestil BTA Aluminum Dock Boards - 12,000 LB / 84" wide:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (WxL)Height Diff. 8deg/17%Height Diff. 11deg/19%WeightPriceQty
BTA-1200843012000 LBS84"x30"3"4"145 LBS $1,090.00
BTA-1200845412000 LBS84"x54"6"8-1/2"268 LBS $1,890.00
BTA-1200846612000 LBS84" x 66"8"11"275 LBS $4,039.00
ALLLever Lift - Pops Board Edge Up For Easy Fork Access1 LBS $75.00
SBLSpecial Bend Location1 LBS $42.00
S2BSecond Bend Location0 LBS $75.00
ATC-1212' Anti-Theft Chain3 LBS $38.00

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