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Vestil AHT Stainless Steel Ergo Matting Work Stands

Vestil AHT-H-1924-SS Ergo Matting Work Stand
AHT-H-1924-SS Work Stand
AHT-H-1936-SS Work Stand
ATH-H-1948-SS Work Stand
AHT-H-2424-SS Work Stand
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SKU: AHT-L-1924-SS


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Vestil AHT Stainless Steel Ergo Matting Adjustable Work Stands, AHT-L and AHT-H Series are durable and easy to use. These stands feature an ergonomic matted deck that reduces fatigue and provides comfort for users that stand for long periods of time. To adjust the height, simply screw the legs in or out to the desired height. Uniform capacity is 500 pounds. Vestil AHT-L work stands provide a service range of 6¾" to 8¾" while Vestil AHT-H work stands provide a service range of 10½" to 16½". Vestil AHT work stands are also available in steel and aluminum construction - see other products in category.


Vestil AHT Stainless Steel Work Stands have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 15 business days.



  • 500 LB capacity
  • AHT-L series has a service range of 6¾" to 8¾" while AHT-H series stands has a service range of 10½" to 16½"
  • Work stands available in steel or aluminum construction


Vestil Stainless Steel Ergo Matting Work Stands:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Deck WxLService RangeWeightPriceQty
AHT-L-1924-SS500 LBS19"x24"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"35 LBS $580.00
AHT-L-2424-SS500 LBS24"x24"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"36 LBS $579.00
AHT-L-1936-SS500 LBS19"x36"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"41 LBS $655.00
AHT-L-2436-SS500 LBS24"x36"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"48 LBS $723.00
AHT-L-1948-SS500 LBS19"x48"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"51 LBS $1,031.00
AHT-L-2448-SS500 LBS24"x48"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"57 LBS $881.00
AHT-L-2460-SS500 LBS24"x60"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"112 LBS $1,046.00
AHT-L-2472-SS500 LBS24"x72"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"132 LBS $1,257.00
AHT-L-2496-SS500 LBS24"x96"6-3/4" to 8-3/4"158 LBS $1,655.00
AHT-H-1924-SS500 LBS19"x24"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"37 LBS $601.00
AHT-H-2424-SS500 LBS24"x24"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"40 LBS $600.00
AHT-H-1936-SS500 LBS19"x36"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"57 LBS $676.00
AHT-H-2436-SS500 LBS24"x36"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"63 LBS $745.00
AHT-H-1948-SS500 LBS19"x48"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"55 LBS $1,051.00
AHT-H-2448-SS500 LBS24"x48"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"68 LBS $902.00
AHT-H-2460-SS500 LBS24"x60"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"130 LBS $1,128.00
AHT-H-2472-SS500 LBS24"x72"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"132 LBS $1,332.00
AHT-H-2496-SS500 LBS24"x96"10-1/2" to 16-1/2"175 LBS $1,709.00

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