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Spanco 301-500 Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

Spanco 5 Ton Wall Mounted Jib Crane
Spanco 04053 Tag Line Assembly
Spanco Wall Mounted Jib Crane
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SKU: 301-500-14


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Spanco 301-500 Wall Mounted Jib Cranes are an economical overhead lifting devices that can be used in an array of applications to lift loads weighing up to 10,000 lbs. These jib cranes feature 8’ to 30' long booms that can rotate up to 200°. Wall brackets and a tie rod support the boom eliminating the need for support under the beam and allowing a trolley to travel nearly the entire length of the boom. Spanco 10,000 LB wall jib cranes are engineered with a standard I-beam and a single tie rod to eliminate off-center loading issues. Top and bottom wall brackets utilize a formed steel channel with two bronze bushings, bronze thrust washers, and formed tie-rod clevises. All bolted connections are in double shear. All swivel connections on Spanco 5 ton wall mounted jib cranes have bronze bushings and grease fittings to ease rotational friction, promote a long service life, and keep maintenance to a minimum. Spanco Wall Mounted Jib Cranes meet AISC Steel Construction Manual, OSHA 1910.179, ANSI B30.11, AWS D1.1/D1.6, and CMAA 74 standards.

Spanco 5 Ton Wall Mounted Jib Cranes are built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 6 to 9 business days.



  • Complete system that includes wall brackets, I-beam boom, tie-rod, and assembly hardware. Mounting hardware is NOT included.
  • Capacity: 10,000 LBS
  • Crane Design Load = Crane’s Capacity + 15% x Capacity (for hoist and trolley weight) + 25% x Capacity (for impact)
  • I-Beam boom lengths are 8' to 30' / Usable spans are 6' 4¾" to 28' 8¼"
  • S Type I-Beam (with various sized flange widths - see chart below)
  • Easy I-beam boom leveling using adjustment nuts located at either end of the single tie-rod design
  • 200° I-beam boom rotation
  • Swivel connections feature bronze bushings and grease fittings
  • All steel construction
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • See crane measurements on drawing in ADDITIONAL INFO above ↑



  • Tagline Assemblies - Includes welded tagline angles, tagline cable, (2) cable clamps, (2) eye bolts, pulley with cable ties every 5' -  See sku 04053 in options chart below
  • Rotational Stops & Boom Locks - See sku 06-0459-3 in options chart below
  • Motorized Rotation - Contact HOF for a quote
  • Special Finishes and/or Weatherization - Contact HOF for a quote

Hoist and Trolley sold separately. Click link to see our selection of Hoists and Trolleys




Crane should be inspected frequently to insure safe operation. Testing and inspection of the crane is the responsibility of the end user.

Spanco 5 Ton Wall Mounted Jib Cranes:
SKUCapacity/Desc.I-Beam Length | UsableFlange WidthWeightPriceQty
301-500-08Wall Jib Crane8' | 6' 4-3/4"5"972 LBS $9,530.00
301-500-10Wall Jib Crane10' | 8' 4-3/4" 5"1058 LBS $9,784.00
301-500-12Wall Jib Crane12' | 10' 4-3/4" 5" 1144 LBS $10,044.00
301-500-14Wall Jib Crane14' | 12' 4-3/4"5"1230 LBS $10,296.00
301-500-16Wall Jib Crane16' | 14' 4-1/4"5.501"1478 LBS $11,437.00
301-500-18 Wall Jib Crane18' | 16' 4-1/4"5.501"1582 LBS $11,826.00
301-500-20Wall Jib Crane20' | 18' 4-1/4"5.501"1951 LBS $12,962.00
301-500-22Wall Jib Crane22' | 20' 4-1/4"5.501"2089 LBS $13,505.00
301-500-24Wall Jib Crane24' | 22' 4-1/4" 5.501"2227 LBS $13,983.00
301-500-26Wall Jib Crane26' | 24' 4-1/4"5.501"2365 LBS $14,572.00
301-500-28Wall Jib Crane28' | 26' 4-1/4"5.501"2503 LBS $15,017.00
301-500-30Wall Jib Crane30' | 28' 4-1/4"5.501"2641 LBS $15,542.00
04053J-10Tag Line Assembly For Cord ManagementFor I-beams up to 10'20 LBS $155.00
04053J-16Tag Line Assembly For Cord ManagementFor I-beams up to 16'25 LBS $166.00
04053J-20Tag Line Assembly For Cord ManagementFor I-beams up to 20'30 LBS $166.00
04053J-30Tag Line Assembly For Cord ManagementFor I-beams up to 30'35 LBS $179.00
06-0451Manual Rotation StopN/A5 LBS $98.00
06-0459-3Wall-Cantilever Multi-Position Boom Lock For 10" to 15" BeamsN/A5 LBS $589.00

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