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If you work with reels of wire, cable, hose, rope or chain, a reel rack will make dispensing easy, and keep materials from getting tangled or mislaid. At HoF Equipment Company we have a wide range of reel carts and reel racks in various sizes and capacities. Choose a reel caddy or a mobile reel rack and you can keep your cables in order wherever you need them to be.

Types of reel racks

  • Single sided reel rack – these wire reel racks must be secured to the floor for safety, and can hold up to 10,000 LBS of materials. Overall height can reach 121”.
  • Double sided reel racks do not need to be secured to the floor, since placing materials on both sides offers greater stability. These portable reel racks roll on strong glass-filled nylon casters.
  • Mobile reel racks can be transported around the workplace, keeping cables and ropes organized at all times.
  • Wire reel caddies are smaller reel racks which are specially designed to carry spindles of wire with a maximum reel diameter of 14”.

Advantages of using reel racks

  • Greater organization of materials – no more tangling between spools;
  • Find the right reel at a glance – no more rummaging in cupboards to find the right size;
  • Increased portability – move all the reels together, cutting down on number of trips;
  • Better aesthetics – having materials organized looks better and improves worker satisfaction;
  • Takes up less space – storing reels vertically is better use of space than storing them flat in a cupboard.

Whether you are looking for a smaller wire reel rack or a larger reel cart, you are sure to find the right reel rack for you at HoF Equipment Company. Browse our selection of reel carts online or call us at 888.990.1150 for expert advice and assistance.