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Many items in the workplace need specific storage solutions, and that is why at HoF Equipment Company, we offer various storage options, including shelving, racks and storage containers. Our selection of industrial storage containers aims to provide you with high-quality options for storing your items safely and conveniently. No matter what the size or physical properties of the items you need to store, you will be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Types of storage containers:

  • Fiberglass storage boxes are available in sizes ranging from 48” wide to 72” wide, for storing even large and heavy objects. Gas cylinders assist raising the lid, while a shackle allows the box to be locked with a padlock.
  • Aluminum storage cases are ideal for smaller, valuable items which need to be transported easily and safely. Dual locks and hasps keep contents safe, while the set of 3 boxes can be stored inside each other when not in use.
  • Wire containers provide safe storage while permitting an easy view of contents at all times. Wire containers are collapsible and stackable.
  • Security carts allow items to be locked away safely but also transported around the workplace. An internal shelf provides versatile storage.
  • Tilt trucks allow the user to store, transport and dump materials without the use of a fork truck. Strong wheels carry tilt trucks around the workplace.
  • IBCs, or Intermediate Bulk Containers, are for storing and dispensing liquid. Use an IBC with our specially designed IBC stands, which automatically tilt the IBC to allow it to pour even when empty. The IBC cart not only tilts the IBC but allows it to be transported around the workplace and instantly used.

At HoF Equipment Company, you will find all the industrial storage solutions you need for your workplace. From IBCs, IBC stands and IBC carts to security carts, wire containers, fiberglass storage boxes and aluminum storage cases, we have it all! Choose the right industrial storage container for your needs, depending on the size and properties of the material you have on hand. You can rely on HoF Equipment Co to supply your industrial storage needs! Browse online or call us at 888.990.1150 for more details.