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PowerMover G Cart Movers

PM5K40 PowerMover G Cart Mover
Hitch Attachments for PowerMover G Cart Movers
Powerhandling G Cart Mover
PowerMover G Cart Mover without Battery
PM5K40 Throttle
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Powerhandling PowerMover G Cart Movers are extremely heavy-duty cart movers which are designed to push or pull carts weighing up to 50 tons. These versatile electric cart movers are powered by a high-torque, sealed 4-brush motor housed in a heavy-duty steel chassis. Model PM5K40 has 160:1 gearing and a running speed of 56 ft/min; Model PM5K50 has 200:1 gearing and a running speed of 43 ft/min, while model PM5K70 has 300:1 gearing and a 29 ft/min running speed. These heavy-duty electric cart movers have three hitch options: a double pin system, a cup & disk hitch or a pusher bracket. The double pin hitching system uses one pin for pushing and the other for pulling, providing rapid hitching and unhitching, but limited braking, and a change in travel direction requires unhitching and re-hitching. The pusher bracket does not require a cart hitch, since it pushes the cart directly. This is suited to straight line pushing only. The cup and disk hitch system consists of a disk on the cart mover which can be raised or lowered, to engage with an inverted cup mounted on the cart. This allows maneuvering and braking and must be used on flat, even flooring. The Powerhandling PowerMover G Cart Movers are powered by a NiMH battery with a battery recharge time of 2-3 hours. Battery, charger and cord are not included with the cart mover and must be purchased separately - see Options chart below.

Powermover G Cart movers work best on smooth level surfaces and for moving carts in a straight line.


Please contact HOF Equipment Co for a leadtime for the PowerMover G Cart Movers.


PowerMover G Cart Movers:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Running Speed (Light Load)WeightPriceQty
PM5K4028 Tons / 160:1 Gearing56 ft/min300 LBS $6,315.00
PM5K5036 Tons / 200:1 Gearing43 ft/min300 LBS $6,495.00
PM5K7053 Tons / 300:1 Gearing29 ft/min300 LBS $6,945.00
84983NiMH 36V Battery Pack2 LBS $421.00
83548NiMH Intelligent Charger5 LBS $438.00
66050US Power Cord2 LBS $5.00
85160Double Pin Hitch2 LBS $145.00
85170Double Pin Hitch: Loadside Hitch Assembly. Attaches To Cart. Use With P/N 85160.2 LBS $339.00
85176Double Pin Hitch: Support Roll Assembly. Attaches To Powercart Unit. Use With P/N 85160.2 LBS $383.00
85150Pusher Bracket2 LBS $412.00
85172Cup & Disc Hitch2 LBS $145.00
85149Cup & Disc Hitch Mount Assembly. Attaches To Cart. Use With P/N 85172.2 LBS $339.00
85176Cup & Disc Hitch Support Roll Assembly. Attaches To Powercart Unit. Use With P/N 85172.2 LBS $383.00

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