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PowerCart H Cart Mover

85740 PowerCart H Cart Mover
85740 PowerCart H Electric Cart Mover
PowerCart H Cart Mover shown with battery and charger
PowerCart H Cart Mover and hitch
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SKU: 85740


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The PowerCart H Cart Mover by Powerhandling is a versatile electric cart mover designed to effortlessly push or pull carts weighing up to 3,000 LBS. This electric tugger features an ergonomic hydraulic handle and powered drive from a brushless DC motor, reaching a maximum speed of 3.7 mph. The quick change 51.8V Li-Ion battery pack recharges in 2 hours from 80% depletion. Its compact size mean that this cart mover easily negotiates small areas and tight turning spaces, with more than 180° of directional rotation at the hitch. The PowerCart H cart mover hitches easily to carts using its built-in burden hitch, connecting with the cart hitch which must be mounted onto the cart. A spring-loaded pin locks the hitches together and prevent separation regardless of terrain. The Powerhandling 85740 PCH Cart Mover can be used with four-wheeled or two-wheeled carts, since it can raise the hitched end of the cart off the ground. Custom hitches, including burden hitches which connect directly with the cart, eliminating the need for a cart hitch, are available - contact HOF for more information.

Dual wheel model 86155 available with 44mm wheels for increased traction. Wider wheels aid in getting over gaps in the floor and is better over the metal grooves if used trucks  - see chart below.


Please contact HOF Equipment Co for a lead time for Powerhandling models 85740 & 86155 PCH Cart Movers.



  • Maximum Capacity: 3,000 LBS
  • Comes standard with quick change 5Ah Li-Ion battery (2 hour charge time), battery charger
  • 1 cart hitch attachment included (5.28"W x 3.94"H) that can be welded or bolted to steel cart frame, extras can be ordered for additional carts - see options below
  • Brushless DC drive motor with a max. speed of 3.7 mph
  • Ergonomic handle with infinite throttle for forward and reverse
  • 180° directional rotation at the hitch
  • Less than 11" wide footprint at full turn
  • 40mm wide wheel | (2) 44mm wide wheels for model 86155
  • Cart mover comes with burden hitch attached
  • Weight: 200 LBS



  • Extra 5Ah, 51.8V Li-Ion quick-change battery pack recharges in 2 hours - model 85140
  • Extra Battery charger - Model 86735
  • Extra 5.28"W x 3.94"H Cart hitch - Model 86069



PowerCart H Mover:
857403000 LBS / Electric Cart Mover - SINGLE WHEEL200 LBS $3,495.00
861553000 LBS / Electric Cart Mover - DUAL WHEEL200 LBS $3,625.00
85140Extra - Lithium-Ion Battery Pack10 LBS $500.00
86735Extra - Lithium-Ion Charger Kit 20 LBS $165.00
86069Extra - 5.28"W x 3.94"H Cart Hitch Attachment5 LBS $59.00

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