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Aardwolf AF1850QP Portable A-Frame Rack
Aardwolf AF Portable A-Frame Racks


$2,134.00 - $2,394.00
Aardwolf TF3050H Slab A Frame Rack
Aardwolf TF Portable A-Frame Racks

5,511 LB Capacity

$1,741.00 - $2,410.00
Aardwolf SBSS01 Slab Cart
Aardwolf Slab Carts

882 LB to 1,653 LB Capacities
Single or Double Sided

$362.00 - $677.00
Vestil PRCT-S-GN
Vestil PRCT-S-MR Panel Cart


$409.00 - $447.00
AST01 Slab Dolly
Aardwolf Slab Dollies

661 LB to 992 LB Capacities

$151.00 - $422.00
SL155 Self-Locking Dolly
Aardwolf Self-Locking Slab Dollies

882 LB Capacity

$362.00 - $535.00
Vestil Slab and Panel Dollies
Vestil PLDL Slab and Panel Dollies

350 to 1,500 LBS Capacities

$94.00 - $205.00
Vestil PLDL-ADJ Adjustable Door Dolly
Vestil PLDL-ADJ Adjustable Door Dollies

500, 600 & 1,000 LB Capacities

$254.00 - $281.00

A panel cart is invaluable when you need to transport sheet material: panels, doors, wood, slabs or drywall. At HoF Equipment Company, we stock a wide range of industrial panel trucks for your every need. Choose from A-frame carts, horizontal panel carts, vertical panel carts and panel dollies. All our panel carts feature sturdy casters which ensure easy transport of materials around the workplace. A-frame trucks can handle up to 5,500 LBS of material, making them ideal for carrying even heavy stone slabs. Most panel carts are designed to be pushed by a single operator, but we also stock A-frame carts which can be lifted using an overhead lifting device or even with a forklift truck. See our whole range of industrial panel trucks on our website.

Advantages of using panel carts:

  • Panel dollies provide visible storage of sheet material, making it easy to find what you need;
  • Panel carts are easy to transport without the need of extra equipment;
  • Vertical panel carts are easy to use;
  • A-frame carts have a very high capacity;
  • Horizontal panel carts keep materials tidy and accessible at all times;
  • Panel trucks are made of high quality materials and are very durable.

If you work with sheet material, a panel cart is what you need. Choose a panel truck which meets your needs from our selection online. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to call us at 888.990.1150, where our customer advisers will be happy to help!