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Pallet Pullers

Vestil PAL-12 Pallet Puller
Vestil PAL-14 Pallet Puller
Vestil PAL-16 Pallet Pullers
Vestil PAL-21 Pallet Puller
Vestil PAL-LP Pallet Puller
Vestil PPC-20 Chain With Grab Hooks
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Vestil Pallet Pullers models PAL-12, PAL-14, PAL-16, PAL-21, & PAL-LP are designed to be attached to a forklift to pull pallets to the rear of tractor trailers so they may be lifted using the forks. Pallet Puller heads are self-cleaning and are not affected by wood particles, paint or grease. Heavy duty all steel construction with powder coat finish. Pallet pullers are NOT designed for lifting pallets.


PAL-12 and PAL-16 - Single scissor action allows for wider jaw opening.


PAL-14 - Cam closing action provides maximum gripping strength and reduces pinch points. Safety handle enables easier positioning and removal. Grips both metal and wood pallets with high pressure biting action.


PAL-21 and PAL-LP - One piece curved heads contain integral spurs for gripping pallet stringers.


Use Instructions:

1. Engage the stringer (not the deck boards) of a pallet or skid with the jaws of the puller.

2. Attach the chain or shackle to the forklift and slowly drive the forklift in reverse. As force is applied, the jaws will tightly grip the stringer.

3. When the pallet is in position to be directly engaged by the forks of the forklift, reverse direction momentarily; then uncouple the puller from the forklift. Open the jaws of the puller to release the pallet.




Vestil Pallet Pullers:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Pulling CapacityJaw HeightJaw OpeningWeightPriceQty
PAL-12Single Scissor5000 LBS3"7"14 LBS $65.00
PAL-16Heavy Duty Single Scissor6000 LBS2"5"21 LBS $68.00
PAL-14Cam Action5000 LBS1-1/2"3"17 LBS $77.00
PAL-21Double Scissor5000 LBS2-3/4"3"25 LBS $73.00
PAL-LPLow Profile Double Scissor5000 LBS2"3-1/8"24 LBS $78.00
SKUCapacity/Desc.Pulling CapacityWeightPriceQty
PPC-2020' Of 1/4" Chain With Grab Hook6000 LBS14 LBS $42.00
PPC-4040' Of 1/4" Chain With Grab Hook6000 LBS28 LBS $67.00

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