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Morse 82H Drum Lifter / Drum Palletizer

Morse 82H Drum Lifter
Morse 82H
Morse 82H-SS Stainless Steel Drum Lifter
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The Morse 82H Drum Lifter is designed to load virtually any steel, plastic or fiber rimmed drum onto and off of a standard pallet, drum dolly, or spill containment pallet (drum must be a minimum of 22.5” tall). Easily lift a drum weighing up to 1,000 LBS in the upright position to a maximum of 19” off of the floor and transport it to where it is needed. The v-shaped base design allows the operator of this Morse drum truck to quickly lift and place a drum on the corner of a pallet or other raised location as required. Hand pump operation raises the drum. The Morse 82H can straddle a pallet that is up to 41" (104 cm) wide and 7" (18 cm) high (can palletize and depalletize a drum at the corner of a pallet). This industrial duty Morse drum lifter features a turning radius of 53” (135 cm) and includes a counter-weight to stabilize the drum truck.

Morse drum lifter model 82H is built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 15 business days.

The Morse 82HM spark resistant drum lifter features spark resistant parts. This item is built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 business days.

The Morse 82H-SS stainless steel drum lifter features stainless steel construction. This item is built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 12 weeks.



  • Capacity: 1,000 LBS
  • Handles rimmed steel, fiber & plastic drums that are a minimum of 22.5" (57.15 cm) tall
  • Palletize or Depalletize a drum at the corner of a pallet
  • Manual hand pump lifts drum
  • Straddle a pallet up to 41" (104 cm) wide and 7" (18 cm) tall
  • Can transport, palletize and depalletize various diameter drums
  • Counterweight for improved stability
  • 53" (135 cm) turning radius
  • Can lift drum up to 19" (48.3 cm) off of floor
  • Overall Size: 48.5"W (123 cm) x 43"L (109 cm). Legs are 9" (22.9 cm) High and extent 20.75" (52.7 cm) in front of upright stanchion
  • Rolls smoothly on (2) 6" front wheels and (2) 4" rear swivel casters for easy steering



Morse Drum Lifters / Drum Palletizers:
82HDrum Lifter / Drum Palletizer469 LBS $3,237.00
82HMDrum Lifter / Drum Palletizer With Spark Resistant Parts469 LBS $4,638.00
82H-SSStainless Steel Drum Lifter / Drum Palletizer469 LBS $11,609.00

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