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Morse 309-A Drum Tumbler

Morse 309-A Drum Tumbler (shown without gated enclosure & included air controls)
Morse GEK-309-A Gated Enclosure With Gate Interlock
Morse 309-A Air Controls
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The Morse 309-A Air Powered Drum Tumbler can mix 55 gallon & 30 gallon, steel, fiber and plastic drums. Drums are tumbled "corner-over-corner" at 14 R.P.M. (will vary with air flow and pressure) for thorough mixing of contents. Drum tumblers provide a safe and effective way to mix drums without opening them thus eliminating employee chemical exposure and the messy clean up required with insertion mixers. Drum tumbler is designed to homogenize liquid, granulated, and powered products and eliminate bottom of drum sediment. Capacity is 800 LBS for a full drum and 400 LBS for a half drum. The Morse 309-A air powered drum tumbler is easily loaded (with the drum in the upright position) with an overhead lifting device such as a hoist, crane, or forklift boom. When loaded, the drum is supported from below on a base plate while two screw clamps secure the top of the drum and a polyester web strap and ratchet goes around drum.

Includes On/Off Air Valve, Filter, regulator, lubricator. Requires factory air at 40 to 60 psi and flowing at a rate of 40 scfm.

OSHA Requires A Gated Enclosure With Safety Interlock For Drum Tumblers - See options chart below.


The Morse 309-A drum tumbler is built to order with a normal lead time to leave the warehouse of 6 to 7 weeks.



  • Can tumble 55 gal. or 30 gal. steel, fiber, & plastic drums that are 29" to 37" tall AND 18" to 23.5" in diameter
  • Drum is loaded onto tumbler using an overhead lifting device
  • Full Drum Capacity: 800 LBS
  • Half Drum Capacity: 400 LBS
  • Rotates a drum at fixed 14 R.P.M.(may vary depending on air flow and pressure)
  • Air controls included are On/Off Air Valve, and Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL)
  • Requires factory air at 40 to 60 psi and flowing at a rate of 40 scfm
  • Sound level during operation is about 75 db.



  • Gated enclosure with interlock that shuts unit off when gate is open. REQUIRED BY OSHA - Model GEK-309-A




Morse 309-A Drum Tumbler:
309-ADrum Tumbler With Air Powered Motor14 (fixed)638 LBS $5,562.00
GEK-309-AGated Enclosure w/ Interlock For Use With Model 309-A (Field Installed) - OSHA REQUIRED400 LBS $3,649.00

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