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Morse 286-1 Forklift Drum Grabber

Morse 286-1 Forklift Drum Grabber
Morspeed 1000
Morse 286-1
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The Morse 286-1 is part of the MORSPEED 1000 family of forklift drum grabbers. Allows the operator to quickly grab, raise, transport, and place a single steel, plastic, or fiber drum with an upper rim. Capacity is 1,000 LBS and drum must weigh at least 50 LBS for the jaws to engage. The operator never has to leave the seat of the forklift. Raising the forks automatically engages the lower jaw under the rim capturing the drum. Lowering the forks and placing the drum takes the weight off the jaws which releases the drum. The Morse 286-1 forklift drum grabber is all welded steel construction for years of reliable service.


The Morse 286-1 forklift drum grabber is built to order with a normal lead time to leave the warehouse of 10 business days.


For use with the following rimmed drum types:

  • Steel drum with a closed head, or removable top that is on and secure
  • Plastic drum with a rim (non-removable top or removable top that is on an secure)
  • Fiber drum with top on and steel clamp ring closure secure
  • Works with any diameter drum
  • Minimum drum height is 15"
  • Requires a minimum drum weight of 50 LBS for jaws to engage
  • Works with or without a pallet



  • Versatile design allows operator to lift, move, & place drums from the seat of the forklift
  • Capacity: 1,000 LBS
  • Mounts to forks in seconds - no tools needed
  • Safety chain secures drum grabber to the forklift carriage
  • Fork pockets opening are 16.5" apart
  • Each fork pocket is 6.5"W x 2.5"H and 26-5/8" deep
  • Overall size: 29-5/8W x 26-5/8"D x 35-5/8"H
  • Model 286M-1 - contact parts of head/backrest and jaws are made of spark resistant monel to reduce possibility of sparks (not a substitute for grounding and bonding to prevent static discharge)




Morse Forklift Drum Grabbers:
286-1Morse Forklift Drum Grabber1000 LBS142 LBS $999.00
286M-1Morse Forklift Drum Grabber - Spark Resistant Contact Parts1000 LBS145 LBS $1,874.00

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