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Morse 2-5154-1 Dual Drum Roller

Morse Dual Drum Roller
Morse Control Package 5996-P & 5997-P
Morse GEK-2-5454-1 Gated Enclosure With Door Interlock
Optional Morse POLY-2-5154 55 Gallon Plastic Drum Roller
Optional Morse 1-5-2 - 1 to 5 Gallon Cylindrical Can Roller
Morse 2-5154-1 Dual Drum Roller
Morse 41 Overhead Horizontal Drum Lifting Hook
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The Morse Dual Drum Roller model 2-5154-1 makes blending the contents of two sealed drums quick and easy. The use of a drum roller is ideal for ensuring the homogeneity of drum contents by mixing components that have stratified and redistributing solids that have settled in transport or while stored. Reduce contamination risk and eliminate the need for special mixing machinery and the associated clean-up. Dual drum roller works as a (2) 55 gallon drum roller and can accommodate a wide variety of other drum diameters ranging from 6” to 28”. Can handle drums up to 40” tall and rotates drums at a fixed speed of 20 RPM for 22.5” diameter drums. This Morse drum roller features steel construction and (8) drive and (8) idler wheels. Various voltage, air powered, and stainless steel drum rollers available – see chart below. Factory installed options are available to mix (2) 55 gallon plastic or steel drums and (2) a 1 to 5 gallon cylindrical can up to 18” tall – see options below.

For Variable RPM or Explosion Proof Drum Rollers Click here:


Control Package Sold Separately (except air powered model) - See options chart below.

OSHA Requires A Gated Enclosure With Safety Interlock For Drum Rollers - See options chart below.


The Morse dual drum roller model 2-5154-1 is built to order with a normal lead time to leave the warehouse of 4 weeks.



  • Fixed RPM of 20 for a 22.5” drum is sufficient for mixing most liquids
  • Rolls two drums that are 6" to 28" (15 to 71 cm) diameter that are up to 40" (102 cm) tall
  • Liquid Load Capacity Per Drum: 1000 LBS | Dry Load Capacity Per Drum: 300 LBS at 20 RPM
  • Control packages for 115v/1PH, 208v/1PH or 230v/1PH operation SOLD SEPARATELY – see options chart below
  • Air powered drum roller model 2-5154-A comes standard with control package. Requires plant air at 40 PSI and flow rate of 40 SCFM
  • OSHA required gated enclosure with door interlock SOLD SEPARATELY – see options chart below
  • Each drum rolls on 4 drive and 4 idler wheels
  • Maximum ambient operating temperature: 140°F (60°C)
  • Unit ship weight: 445 LBS


  • Gated enclosure with interlock that shuts roller off when gate is open. Door is 48" wide. REQUIRED BY OSHA - Model GEK-2-5154-1 & GEK-2-5154-A
  • 55 Gallon (210 liter) Plastic Drum Roller - Provides extra wheels to support a flexible soft sided 55-gallon plastic drum which lacks ribs or roll rings. Comes with an end stop to prevent the plastic drum from traveling lengthwise while being rolled. Also works with 55 gallon steel drums. Model POLY-2-5154
  • 1 to 5 Gallon Can Roller – allows drum roller to handle 1 to 5 gallon cylindrical cans up to 18” tall. A 5 gallon can will roll at approximately 40 RPM. Model 1-5-2
  • Overhead horizontal drum lifting hook. Lifts a 55 gallon drum that is 34" to 36" long in the horizontal position. Capacity is 1,000 LBS. Perfect for setting a drum on the 1-5154-1 drum roller. Model 41


Morse Dual Drum Rollers:
2-5154-1Dual Drum Roller20 (fixed) for 22.5" Dia. Drum445 LBS $3,940.00
2-5154-ADual Drum Roller - Air Powered (includes control package)20 (fixed) for 22.5" Dia. Drum0 LBS $4,074.00
5996-PControl Package - Roller Operates On 115v 1PH Power / 60Hz / 12.8 AMP Draw100 LBS $2,268.00
5997-PControl Package - Roller Operates On 208v or 230v 1PH Power / 60 Hz / 7 AMP Draw100 LBS $2,058.00
GEK-2-5154-1Gated Enclosure w/ Interlock For Use With Model 2-5154-1 (Field Installed) - OSHA REQUIRED418 LBS $3,948.00
GEK-2-5154-AGated Enclosure w/ Interlock For Use With Model 2-5154-A (Field Installed) - OSHA REQUIRED418 LBS $4,007.00
POLY-2-515455 Gallon Plastic Dual Drum Roller. Also Works With 55 Gallon Steel Drums. Factory Installed. 50 LBS $819.00
1-5-2.01 to 5 Gallon Dual Can Roller. Allows Drum Roller To Handle (2) 1 to 5 Gal. Cylindrical Cans Up To 18 IN. Tall24 LBS $376.00
41Overhead Horizontal Drum Lifting Hook. Ideal For Setting Drums Onto Drum Roller. 1000 LB Capacity.5 LBS $100.00

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