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Morse 185A Overhead Drum Tilter

Morse 185A Overhead Drum Dispenser
Morse 185A Options
Small Diameter Drum Adaptors With Hold Down Brackets 55/30-19, 55/30-20.5, 55/30-22
Plastic & Fiber Drum Adaptors 4556-P & 4560-P
6315-P Optional Fork Pocket Kit
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$691.00 - $1,981.00
SKU: 185A


Additional Info

The Morse 185A Kontrol-Karrier enables the operator to lift, rotate and control the pour of a full drum weighing up to 800 LBS at or above the operator’s reach level. Can lift and pour a half-full drum weighing up to 500 LBS. Designed to easily dispense drum contents using an overhead lifting devise such as a hoist or crane. Drum lifter comes standard to handle a 55 gallon steel drum with 22" to 23.5" (56 to 59.7 cm) outside diameter between the ribs (adaptors available to handle other drum sizes). Can raise and invert a drum with a drum faucet in place. Drum tilting is controlled via a chain loop and allows for 360 degrees in either direction. Each Morse 185A drum lifter is independently load tested at the factory at 125% of rated capacity as per American National Standard ANSI/ASME B30.20 and comes standard with a load test certificate. Model 185AM features spark resistant parts.

The Morse 185A Overhead Drum Handler is built to order with a normal lead time to leave the warehouse of 10 business days (model 185AM is 15 business days).





  • For use with 22" to 23.5" diameter 55 gal. steel drums (adaptors available for smaller diameter, plastic, & fiber drums)
  • Full Drum Capacity: 800 LBS
  • Half Full Drum Capacity: 500 LBS. A partially full drum is an unbalanced and shifting load which reduces capacity.
  • Pull chain operation controls the drum tilt and has a 30:1 gear and sprocket ratio
  • Can raise and invert a drum with a drum faucet in place
  • Load tested at the factory at 125% of rated capacity as per American National Standard ANSI/ASME B30.20
  • Comes with a Load Test Certificate
  • Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.20 standard
  • Weight 98 LBS
  • All steel welded construction in accordance with ANSI/AWS D14.1 and ASME BTH-1 for years of dependable service



  • MORstop Tilt Brake - Automatically holds the drum tilt angle, factory installed - Model 3900i-P
  • Hand Wheel 16" Dia., replaces pull chain, factory installed - Model X03-185
  • Hand Crank, replaces pull chain, factory installed - Model X02-185
  • Counterweight keeps the unit hanging plumb even without a drum in the unit, factory installed - Model 4623i-P
  • Drum adaptors with integrated hold-down brackets to handle 14" dia. to 19"dia. drums - Models 55/30-14.5, 55/30-16, 55/30-17.5, 55/30-19, 55/30-20.5, 55/30-22
  • Top rim clamp assembly to handle 55 gallon rimmed plastic, fiber, or steel drum. Bolts on to MORCINCH drum holder to prevent drum from slipping through - Model 4560-P
  • Bracket assembly to handle rimless plastic drums that are 31"-39" tall. Also recommend for use with fiber drums for a more secure grip. Bracket at top and bottom prevents drum from slipping through - Model 4556-P


Optional Aysmmetric Drum Cones:

Easily pour dry contents from your drums with an asymmetric drum cone. Iris valve and slide gate valves available to control the flow. Click on link or photo below to view selection & order.

Aysmmetric Drum Cones


Morse 185A Overhead Drum Dispenser:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Capacity FullCapacity 1/2 FullWeightPriceQty
185AOverhead Drum Dispenser800 LBS500 LBS98 LBS $691.00
185AMOverhead Drum Dispenser With Spark Resistant Parts800 LBS500 LBS98 LBS $1,764.00
3900i-PMORstop Tilt Brake - Automatically holds the drum tilt angle. Factory installed3 LBS $179.00
X03-185Hand Wheel 16" Dia. Replaces pull chain. Factory installed9 LBS $168.00
X02-185Hand Crank. Replaces pull chain. Factory installed1 LBS $103.00
4623i-PCounterweight to keep the unit hanging plumb. Factory installed30 LBS $148.00
55/30-22Non-Bracketed Adaptor for 21.5" to 22" Dia. Drum11 LBS $94.00
55/30-20.5Non-Bracketed Adaptor for 20" to 20.5" Dia. Drum 20 LBS $138.00
55/30-19Non-Bracketed Adaptor for 18.5" to 19" Dia. Drum (for handling a typical 30 gal. drum) 24 LBS $138.00
55/30-17.5Bracketed Adaptor for 17.0" to 17.5" Dia. Drum35 LBS $217.00
55/30-16Bracketed Adaptor for 15.5" to 16" Dia. Drum35 LBS $217.00
55/30-14.5Bracketed Adaptor for 14" to 14.5" Dia. Drum36 LBS $217.00
4556-PBracket Adaptor for 55 Gal. Rimless Plastic & Fiber Drums That Are 31"-39" Tall20 LBS $156.00
4560-PTop Rim Clamp for 55 Gal. Rimmed Plastic & Fiber Drums11 LBS $199.00
6315-PFork Pocket Kit - enables Drum Lifter to be used with a Fork Truck13 LBS $179.00

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