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Molded Rubber Wheel Chocks With Handle

Vestil ORWC-8-HDL Wheel Chock
RWC-8-HDL Wheel Chock
Vestil RWC-9U Wheel Chock
Vestil RWC-11 Wheel Chock
RWC-10-HDL Wheel Chock
RWC-25 Wheel Chock
RWC-3 Wheel Chock
RWC-5 Wheel Chock
ORWC-8-ERGO & RWC-8-ERGO Wheel Chocks with Ergonomic Handle
Optional Accessories for Wheel Chocks
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Vestil Rubber Wheel Chocks are an essential component for ensuring worker safety. These molded rubber chocks are designed to provide a tight grip on virtually any surface, and are made for use in all weather conditions. The reinforced rubber resists abrasion, tearing and weathering. Vestil Rubber Wheel Chocks are available with a variety of different handles, which make positioning and transporting the chocks easier. Models ORWC-8-ERGO & RWC-8-ERGO feature a 34" tall ergonomic handle, which enables the user to position the chock without bending over (simple assembly required). All Vestil Wheel Chocks meet OSHA guidelines for safety. 



  • Reflective enamel "Chock your Wheels" sign - Model SF-1012
  • 15' Chain & Hanger with Reflector - Hanger is attached to dock wall, chain attaches to hanger and to wheel chock for security - Model OH-15R & OH-15-YEL for high visibility
  • 15' Nylon Strap & Hanger kit - Attaches to 2 wheel chocks - Model OH-15-STRAP



Molded Rubber Wheel Chocks:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Dimensions (WxHxD)ColorWeightPriceQty
ORWC-8-HDLBolt-on Handle9.25" usable x 6" x 8"Orange11 LBS $28.00
RWC-8-HDLBolt-on Handle9.25" usable x 6" x 8"Black12 LBS $22.00
RWC-9-UU Handle9.25" usable x 6" x 7.875"Black11 LBS $18.00
RWC-11Rubber Handle7" usable x 7" x 10"Black11 LBS $29.00
RWC-25Jumbo chock with Handle16" usable x 8" x 12"Black22 LBS $74.00
RWC-10-HDL5-5/8" Handle9.5" usable x 4.875" x 7.375"Black12 LBS $35.00
RWC-3Small Chock with Handle8" usable x 4" x 7.857"Black6 LBS $11.00
RWC-5Mini Chock with Handle4" usable x 5.9" x 7.625"Black5 LBS $14.00
ORWC-8-ERGOErgonomic 34" Handle9.25" usable x 36.56" x 8"Orange (Chock)13 LBS $48.00
RWC-8-ERGOErgonomic 34" Handle9.25" x 36.56" x 8"Black (Chock)13 LBS $46.00
SF-1012Reflective Enamel "Chock Your Wheels" Sign1 LBS $29.00
OH-15R15' Chain and Hanger with Reflector4 LBS $19.00
OH-15-YEL15' Yellow Chain & Hanger3 LBS $18.00
OH-15-STRAPWheel Chock Strap and Hanger Kit3 LBS $14.00

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