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If the industry you work in means you need reusable pallets, we have good news! At HOF Equipment Company you will find a wide selection of metal pallets which can easily be washed and reused in conditions of maximum safety and hygiene.

  • Aluminum pallets are lightweight and sturdy, ideal for a variety of different uses. Solid-top aluminum pallets provide a smooth surface for storage, while aluminum pallets are available with 2-way or 4-way entry.
  • Steel pallets are a hardwearing and heavy-duty option for storing and transporting goods, and are easy to wash down when necessary.
  • Galvanized steel pallets have a protective zinc coating which makes them even easier to clean and keep rust-free. Galvanized pallets are available in a variety of sizes and types.
  • Wire pallets are extremely lightweight and easy to use. The steel wire is welded and galvanized for extra protection.
  • Aluminum skids have an open bottom, making them easier to lift and transport than regular metal pallets. Half-skids are available for smaller applications.

The metal pallets and skids you will find at HOF are easy to clean with a power washer, and also stand up to high-power steam, brushes and pads. Reusable pallets are essential in so many industries, so choose a high-quality option today! Browse our selection online or call us on 888-990-1150 where our customer advisers will be glad to help you find the right solution for your workplace.