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Manual Drum Deheaders

Vestil DD-9 Manual Drum Deheader
Vestil DD-9-NS Spark Resistant Manual Drum Deheader
Vestil DD-10 Ergonomic Manual Drum Deheader
Vestil D-HEAD-1 Manual Drum Deheader
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Vestil Standard Drum Deheaders, model DD-9, DD-9-NS, & DD-10 convert your closed head steel drums into storage containers with our Manual Drum Deheaders. Can be adjusted to open steel drums with different thicknesses. Angled blade maximizes penetration and flattens the cut edge leaving no sharp or jagged edges. Opens 30 & 55 gallon steel drums and 5 gallon pails. Replacement blades are available. DD-9-NS is made of a bronze spark resistant allow. DD-10 features an ergonomic handle for smoother cutting operation.


Vestil Express-Open Drum Deheader, model D-HEAD-1: Remove the head of a steel drum in less than 30 seconds with our Express-Open Drum Deheader. Model D-HEAD-1 has a unique design that is similar to a household can-opener and is simple to use. A comfortable handle configuration allows for maximum operator comfort. Unit features a vice-grip style mechanism for securely attaching unit to drum. A standard 1⁄2" ratchet drive (manual or pneumatic) is used to operate the deheader (ratchet drive not included). The inside cutting blade does not leave a sharp edge on the drum. Opens 30 & 55 gallon steel drums and 5 gallon pails. Replacement blades model D-HEAD-1-B and replacement Gear/Bushing Kit model D-HEAD-GK are available.


Vestil Manual Drum Deheaders:
DD-9Standard Drum Deheader11 LBS $79.00
DDB-1Replacement Blade for Model DD-91 LBS $18.00
DDB-1-NSReplacement Blade for Model DD-9-NS7 LBS $119.00
DD-10Ergonomic Drum Deheader8 LBS $123.00
DDB-2Replacement Blade for Model DD-102 LBS $18.00
D-HEAD-1Express-Open Drum Deheader10 LBS $138.00
D-HEAD-BReplacement Blade for Model D-HEAD-11 LBS $18.00
D-HEAD-GKReplacement Gear/Bushing Kit for Model D-HEAD-11 LBS $21.00

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