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Highlight PREDATOR-SS-LP Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine

Highlight PREDATOR-SS-LP Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine
Highlight Predator
PREDATOR-SS-LP with optional Scale & Ramp
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The Highlight PREDATOR-SS-LP Low Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine is designed to take the manual effort out of wrapping products, making the packaging process more efficient. The control panel features programmable settings with an advanced info screen which displays machine operation and provides diagnostics for troubleshooting. Fully-powered turntable has adjustable speed up to 12 RPM, and can handle 20-30 loads per hour. The film carriage features adjustable raise and lower speeds, and automatic package height detection. Simplified stretch provides manual adjustment of the stretch level from 60% to 150%. PREDATOR-SS-LP is a low-profile model with a circular platform 4.25" off the floor which, together with an optional ramp, can be loaded using a hand pallet truck. The Highlight PREDATOR-SS-LP Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine uses 20" long stretch wrap rolls with a diameter of up to 10".

Please contact HOF for a lead time for the Highlight PREDATOR-SS-LP Stretch Wrap Machine



  • Manual stretch uses knob to adjust stretch from 60% to 150%
  • Maximum load capacity: 4,000 LBS
  • Circular Turntable 4.25" off floor, 60" dia., adjustable to 12 RPM
  • Built in fork pockets for easy portability (Note: moving a unit that has a built in scale will require scale recalibration)
  • Runs on 120V, 60Hz, 1-phase power
  • Adjustable raise & lower speeds
  • Automatic package height detection using photo eye
  • Infinite / manual film force adjustment
  • 2 wrap modes: Spiral Up/Down or Spiral Up Only
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC
  • Maximum wrap height: 80" - can be increased to 110" - see options below
  • Uses 20" long stretch wrap rolls with a diameter of up to 10"
  • Weight: 1,050 LBS



  • Heavy duty ramp to allow access using manual pallet trucks - Model PREDATOR-RAMP
  • Integrated scale built into the turntable. Scale display is mounted into the frame of the tower. Not legal for trade - Model PREDATOR-SCALE
  • Scale ramp - for use with low profile model with integrated scale. Ramp is 46"W x 67" long with a 53" long angled portion and a 14" porch - Model PREDATOR-SCALE-RAMP
  • Extended wrap height allows wrapping loads of up to 110" - Model PREDATOR-EWH




Highlight PREDATOR-SS-LP Stretch Wrap Machine:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Max. Wrap HeightTurntableWeightPriceQty
PREDATOR-SS-LP4000 LBS / Low Profile80"60" diameter circular1050 LBS $6,925.00
PREDATOR-RAMPHeavy Duty Ramp400 LBS $934.00
PREDATOR-SCALEIntegrated Scale100 LBS $4,425.00
PREDATOR-SCALE-RAMPScale Ramp - for use with Low Profile Model with Integrated Scale400 LBS $1,075.00
PREDATOR-EWHExtended Wrap Height To 110"50 LBS $970.00

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