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Most workplaces need outdoor shelters and buildings, to maximize storage space and to create a comfortable environment for workers. At HOF Equipment Company we have a selection of industrial shelters and industrial storage buildings which are simple to assemble and install at your facility.

  • Smoking shelters are a way to show your workers that you care about their wellbeing and comfort. Vestil smoking shelters feature a rain-proof and snow-proof roof, a panel which blocks the wind, and a lean-back bench rail.
  • Bus shelters are also an important part of worker comfort and satisfaction, providing a safe and sheltered place for employees to wait for transport. Vestil bus shelters feature a steel frame with steel or polycarbonate sides for protection from all kinds of weather.
  • Bicycle shelters provide order, safety and convenience in busy workplaces. Vestil bicycle storage shelters protect up to 15 bicycles from snow and rain.
  • Bicycle racks are a space-saving way to provide storage of bicycles in your workplace, and can be installed outdoors or inside.
  • Industrial storage buildings are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. We offer steel storage buildings, galvanized storage buildings, and specialized, wide-door storage buildings, for all your storage needs.
  • Stainless Steel Flagpoles and U.S. Flags enable you to show your patriotic spirit. These flagpoles are long-lasting and corrosion resistant.

The industrial shelters and storage buildings offered by HOF Equipment Company are built of the highest quality components. Steel support frames provide a sturdy structure, while sides and roofs are guaranteed to keep extreme weather out, whether made of steel or polycarbonate. Our bus shelters, bicycle shelters and storage buildings ship knocked down, making shipping simple, while assembly is easy to do at the destination.

Whatever your needs, HOF Equipment Company has the right outdoor shelter or storage building for you. Browse our selection online or call us on 888.999.1150 today.