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Vestil JVSL-3030 Storage Lockers
Vestil JVSL Storage Lockers

Individual Locker Height: 21"

Vestil LOCK-3618-SSS1 Stainless Steel Locker
Vestil LOCK-3618-SSS3 Stainless Steel Lockers

Single Locker per Row
Individual Locker Height: 72"

Vestil LOCK-3618-SSD3 Stainless Steel Locker
Vestil LOCK-3618-SSD3 Stainless Steel Lockers

Two Lockers per Row
Individual Locker Height: 36"

Vestil LOCK-3618-SS63 Stainless Steel Locker
Vestil LOCK-3618-SS63 Stainless Steel Lockers

Six Lockers per Row
Individual Locker Height: 12"


Workplaces which employ lots of workers will always need secure storage for personal items. That’s why, at HOF Equipment Company, we stock a wide range of industrial lockers which can be used to keep clothing, and personal items secure and safe during the work day. Storage lockers can also be used to store work items, when these need to be placed in individually accessible storage. Mesh lockers mean items are easily visible, so they can be identified quickly. 

Our stainless steel lockers are versatile, as they are corrosion resistant and can be used in hygienic environments if needed. Stainless steel lockers are available with a single tall locker per row, two medium height lockers per row, or six small lockers per row. Industrial lockers have one or three rows of lockers per unit. Each individual compartment can be locked for safety.

If you are looking for secure industrial storage lockers, look no further! Our lockers can be used in manufacturing facilities, offices, schools and sports venues. All our industrial lockers are made of premium materials to the highest standards of quality. Browse our selection of industrial lockers online or call 888.990.1150 for expert advice today.