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Creating the right workplace environment is essential for productivity and efficiency. Industrial heaters and industrial fans help you keep temperatures at the right level for your workers. At HOF Equipment Company, we have a wide range of industrial fans and electric industrial heaters to meet all your needs.

Types of industrial heaters

  • Industrial salamander heaters run on electricity and function by blowing warm air into the workplace. These electric salamander heaters are safe and convenient for multiple applications.
  • Industrial infrared heaters function via electromagnetic radiation, operate on electricity and are safe and durable. Overhead infrared heaters provide heat from above, while portable infrared heaters can easily be moved to where the heat needs to be.
  • Infrared panel heaters feature large infrared panels which effectively heat large work areas.
  • Quartz infrared heaters emit higher temperatures than classic infrared heaters, and are available as overhead heaters or portable quartz infrared heaters on casters.

Types of industrial fans

  • Portable industrial fans allow the user to easily transport the fan to where it is needed. Portable industrial blowers can move up to 13,500 cubic feet of air per minute. Portable workstation fans are ideal for providing air to specific work areas.
  • Industrial pedestal fans can be positioned close to the work area and moved easily when necessary.
  • Industrial wall-mounted fans do not take up floor space and are easy to install on walls or vertical beams.
  • Ceiling mounted fans are ideal for workspaces with low ceilings and little floor space.
  • Industrial air curtains help maintain a comfortable working environment by keeping cool air in and keeping dust out. Air curtains allow easy access of people and goods while also keeping air cool, all without having to open and close doors.
  • Exhaust shutter fans are ideal for thin-walled buildings, and do not require external framing or shutters.

Every business needs to ensure a comfortable, clean environment for its workers, in order to ensure efficiency and worker satisfaction. With our selection of industrial fans and industrial heaters, you can be sure of creating the right conditions for your workplace. Browse our selection online or call us on 888-990-1150, where our customer advisors will be glad to advise you on the best equipment for your needs.