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Ergonomic Worker Seats

Vestil CPRO- Series Ergonomic Worker Seats
Vestil CPRO-100 Ergonomic Work Chair
Vestil CPRO-100 Workshop Chair
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Vestil Ergonomic Worker Seats, models CPRO-200, CPRO-600, & CPRO-800LP are versatile solutions for workers seating. From a low crouch to a standing position, the seat height of the CPRO-200 and CPRO-600 can be adjusted in 2" increments by removing the seat and hooking it to the horizontal bars located on the chair frame. These units have four rubber "shocks" under the seat base that allows the seat to tilt forward, left and right so it can accommodate your body movements. The front tilted position of the seat helps the user maintain the natural posture position of the spine. The portable work chair, model CPRO-800LP, is not only convenient but easy to use. Simply unfold the rear legs and slide the contoured padded seat to the desired ergonomic height. The infinite adjustability guarantees the optimum work posture. Folds up to a 4" profile for easy portability and storage.




  • 200 or 220 LB capacity (depending on model)
  • Seats are either caster or foldable (depending on model)
  • Seat can tilt forward, left, and right


Vestil Ergonomic Worker Seats:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Base Size (WxD)Seat Size (WxD)Seat Height RangeWeightPriceQty
CPRO-100200 LBS - with Casters12-3/4" x 17-1/4"12-1/2" x 9-1/2"9" to 18"23 LBS $150.00
CPRO-200220 LBS - Foldable14" x 21"14" x 9-1/2"13" to 26"12 LBS $191.00
CPRO-600220 LBS - Foldable14" x 21"14" x 9"13" to 34"18 LBS $232.00
CPRO-600S220 LBS - Foldable17" x 21"14" x 12"14-1/2" to 35-1/2"26 LBS $250.00
CPRO-800LP220 LBS - Foldable13" x 20"13-1/2" x 10"18-1/2" to 33"16 LBS $171.00

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