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Elephant VA Vertical Plate Clamps

Elephant VA Vertical Plate Clamp
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Elephant Vertical Plate Clamps, models VA-05, VA-1, VA-2, VA-3 & VA-5, are Japanese-made, superior quality industrial plate clamps with capacities ranging from 0.55 Ton to 5.5 Tons. These plate clamps are designed with multiple safety features to protect the user from potential danger caused by wear or overload. Yellow indicators on the side plates assist in correctly positioning loads. To use, insert the load all the way to the end of the opening of the clamp (beyond the yellow marks), then apply the safety lock. The lock holds loads in place for safe lifting and transport. Do not use vertical clamps for holding a load horizontally. Two or more Elephant VA vertical plate clamps can be used together to lift large or heavy loads.



  • Made in Japan of the highest quality parts
  • Capacity: 0.55 Ton - 5.5 Tons
  • Range from 0 to 1.968" (see chart below)
  • For indoor and outdoor use



Elephant VA Vertical Plate Clamps:
VA-050.55 Ton0 to 0.866"7 LBS $644.00
VA-11.1 Ton0 to 0.984"12 LBS $860.00
VA-22.2 Ton0 to 1.417"18 LBS $1,227.00
VA-33.3 Ton0 to 1.574"30 LBS $1,391.00
VA-55.5 Ton0 to 1.968"46 LBS $1,819.00

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