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Elephant Geared Beam Trolleys

Elephant Geared Beam Trolley
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Elephant Geared Beam Trolleys are Japanese-made, superior quality industrial beam trolleys with capacities from 1 Ton to 20 Tons. These heavy duty beam trolleys adjust to fit different beam widths and are compatible with both I-Beams and H-Beams. Elephant Geared Beam Trolleys are designed to be used with Manual Hoists, and can be connected directly by removing the top hook of the hoist, thus reducing headroom. To move the trolley and hoist, simply use the hand chain: due to the gears, the trolley cannot be pulled or pushed. Elephant Adjustable Beam Trolleys are made of carbon steel, with closed-type ball bearings in the wheel shaft and parkerized wheels for resistance to corrosion. Anti-Drop plates provide added security. Elephant Beam Trolleys are manufactured to meet ASME B30.16, and are load tested to 125% of the rated capacity.



  • Made in Japan of the highest quality parts
  • Capacity: 2,000 LBS to 40,000 LBS
  • Fits I-Beams and H-Beams
  • Adjustable to fit different beam widths
  • 10' hand chain
  • Made from solid carbon steel
  • Parkerized Trolley wheels for resistance to corrosion
  • Closed-style ball bearings ensure smooth traversing
  • Anti-Drop plates add security
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Meets ASME B30.16 / load tested to 125% of the rated capacity
  • Meets European Conformity Directive 89/392/EEC, Annex II A



  • Connector Kit - Required when using trolley with electric or air hoists (not required for G-10 model and above) - See chart below
  • Longer hand chain / Stainless Steel Hand chain - Contact HOF for pricing
  • Spark resistant trolley - Contact HOF for pricing



Elephant Geared Beam Trolleys:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Beam Flange WidthHead RoomWeightPriceQty
G-11 Ton Trolley2.3" - 5.11"4.4"27 LBS $555.00
G-22 Ton Trolley2.7" - 6.14"5.9"65 LBS $786.00
G-3.13 Ton Trolley3.5" - 6.2"7.1"74 LBS $1,045.00
G-55 Ton Trolley3.54" - 7.08"8.7"123 LBS $1,404.00
G-1010 Ton Trolley4.9" - 7.4"9.6"258 LBS $3,393.00
G-1515 Ton Trolley5.9" - 7.48"10.7"926 LBS $7,978.00
G-2020 Ton Trolley5.9" - 7.48"10.7"926 LBS $7,978.00
Connector Kit - Required For Electric/Pneumatic Hoist:
PEK-1Connector Kit For G-1 Trolley2 LBS $181.00
PEK-2Connector Kit For G-2 Trolley2 LBS $184.00
PEK-3.1Connector Kit For G-3.1 Trolley2.5 LBS $326.00
PEC-5Connector Kit For G-5 Trolley1.5 LBS $203.00

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