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Vestil TCD-U-48-DC
Vestil TCD-U-48-DC Electric Trash Can Dumper

Universal Dumper, 48-9/16" Dump Height
12v DC & 115v AC Models Available

Vestil TCD-U-60-DC
Vestil TCD-U-60-DC Electric Trash Can Dumper

Universal Dumper, 59¹³⁄₁₆" Dump Height
12v DC & 115v AC Models Available

Vestil TCD-U-72-DC
Vestil TCD-U-72-DC Electric Trash Can Dumper

Universal Dumper, 72¹⁵⁄₁₆" Dump Height
12v DC & 115v AC Models Available

Vestil MTC-55 Drum Trash Compactor
Vestil MTC-55 Manual Drum Trash Compactor

Models to compact 30 & 55 gallon Drums

Vestil MTC-PNU-55 Pneumatic Trash Compactor

Compacts contents of 55 Gallon Drums


Every workplace generates trash, which needs to be collected, stored and prepared for pick-up. Take the heavy lifting out of trash management with an electric trash can dumper. Simply place the trash can on the garbage can dumper, secure it with the support arms, and activate the controls. The trash can dumper will lift the trash can and rotate it so that the contents fall into the collection point. Choose a trash dumper with hopper, which includes a forklift hopper to collect the trash. Dump heights range from 48” to 72”.

Features of trash can dumpers:

  • DC powered trash can dumpers lift and dump trash cans without any manual effort;
  • Oversized chute easily accommodates standard trash cans;
  • Support arms secure the trash can while dumping;
  • Steel mesh side guards increase safety;
  • Maximum capacities of 400 LBS means trash can lifters can handle even full trash cans;
  • Pendant hand control makes operating trash bin lifter simple and effort-free;
  • Steel construction with powder coat finish ensures a long service life.

Advantages of using trash can dumpers:

  • Garbage can lifters reduce time spent on maintenance, freeing workers up to do essential work;
  • Using garbage bin lifters eliminates heavy lifting and the need to maneuver trash cans by hand;
  • Trash can lifters help maintain workplace hygiene, since workers do not need to touch trash in order to dump it;
  • Trash bin lifters contribute towards keeping a clean environment by making it easier to empty trash cans more often;
  • Vestil trash can dumpers eliminate the need to carry full trash cans through the workplace, since they are portable and can be used anywhere.

Electric trash can dumpers can help streamline maintenance tasks in your workplace, contributing to a welcoming environment for workers and visitors alike. Browse our selection of trash handling equipment online or call us at 888-990-1150, where our customer advisors will be happy to help.