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Dual Handle Hand Trucks (Steel & Aluminum)

Vestil Steel Dual Handle Hand Truck
Vestil DHHT-500A - Aluminum w/ Steel Nose Plate.
Vestil DHHT-500S-HR Hand Truck
Model DHHT-500A-ANP - Aluminum with Aluminum Nose Plate
Vestil DHHT-500S-HR Steel Hand Truck
Optional QPC-HT Hand Truck Moving Pad
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Vestil rugged Dual Handle Hand Trucks, DHHT Series transport boxes or crates quickly and easily. Maximize control of different load types with these dual handle hand trucks. Designed to transport loads smoothly and evenly over rough or uneven floors. Ships knockdown. Solid rubber wheels will never go flat.

Also available: QPC-HT Hand Truck Moving Pad. This polyester/cotton pad fits any hand truck with a nose plate measuring 14"W or less, and protects items from scratches during transit. Features noseplate "pocket" and two velcro straps for securing to the back of the hand truck. Overall size: 16"W x 55"L. See options chart below.



Vestil Dual Handle Hand Trucks:
SKUCapacity/Desc.ConstructionWheel TypeNoseplateOverall Size (WxDxH)WeightPriceQty
DHHT-500S-HR500 LBSSteelSolid Rubber13.75"W X 6.5"D21"x17.5"x44.5"40 LBS $97.00
DHHT-500S500 LBSSteelPneumatic13.75"W X 6.5"D22"x17.5"x44.5"30 LBS $117.00
DHHT-500A-HR300 LBSAluminumSolid Rubber14"W x 8.5"D 20"x20"x49"36 LBS $201.00
DHHT-500A-ANP-HR300 LBSAluminumSolid Rubber18"W x 7.5"D20"x19"x50"33 LBS $201.00
DHHT-500A300 LBSAluminumPneumatic14"W x 8.5"D 20"x20"x49"24 LBS $169.00
DHHT-500A-ANP300 LBSAluminumPneumatic18"W x 7.5"D20"x19"x50"24 LBS $169.00
SKUCapacity/Desc.Fits NosepadWeightPriceQty
QPC-HTHand Truck Moving Pad14"W or less2 LBS $22.00

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