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Center Eye Beam Trolleys

Vestil E-MT-2 Manual Trolley
Vestil E-MT-6-C Geared Trolley
Vestil E-MT-4-C Geared Trolley
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Vestil E-MT Low Center Eye Beam Trolleys are designed to quickly install on almost any S, W, H, and M type I-Beams. Width is adjusted on push trolleys by rotating the center rod clockwise or counterclockwise. Once a hoist (not included) is attached, the center rod will not rotate which locks the trolley width. A lifting eye is located in the middle of the bottom of the trolley for attaching a hoist. Vestil E-MT beam trolleys feature a low profile design and are all steel construction with a durable enamel finish. Headroom is measured from the bottom of wheel to bottom of hooking eye.



  • For use on S, W, H, & M Type I-Beams
  • Capacities: 1,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs
  • Available plain or with gear (geared trolley comes with 10' of chain)
  • Center lifting eye for attaching a hoist
  • Four rollers with sealed bearings for extended life
  • Steel construction with enamel finish



Beam Trolleys:
SKUCapacity/Desc.DescriptionI-Beam FlangeHeadroomWeightPriceQty
E-MT-11000 LBSPush2" to 8.625"2.5"12 LBS $104.00
E-MT-22000 LBSPush2.5" to 10.125"2-5/8"20 LBS $143.00
E-MT-44000 LBSPush2.5" to 8.625"3"31 LBS $192.00
E-MT-66000 LBSPush3" to 8.625"3-3/8"52 LBS $286.00
E-MT-88000 LBSPush3" to 9"4"82 LBS $362.00
E-MT-1010000 LBSPush3" to 9"4"82 LBS $481.00
E-MT-1-C1000 LBSGeared2.5" to 5.5"4-1/2"21 LBS $142.00
E-MT-2-C2000 LBSGeared2.5" to 5.5"5"29 LBS $183.00
E-MT-4-C4000 LBSGeared3" to 6.5"6"41 LBS $223.00
E-MT-6-C6000 LBSGeared3" to 8"7-3/8"62 LBS $308.00
E-MT-8-C8000 LBSGeared3" to 9"8-5/8"100 LBS $432.00
E-MT-10-C10000 LBSGeared3" to 9"8-5/8"103 LBS $633.00

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