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Vestil FAL-3616-50 Fiberglass Autoloader Ramps
Fiberglass Autoloader Ramps


$1,319.00 - $2,033.00
Vestil VTR Aluminum Vehicle Ramp
Vestil VTR Aluminum Vehicle Ramps

Powered Drive, Lift, & Rotate
800 LB Capacity, 10.5' Max. Racking Height

$2,756.00 - $5,364.00

When vehicles need loading into trailers or onto docks, having the right vehicle loading ramp will ensure the operation is done in complete safety. At HOF Equipment Company, we stock specialized car trailer ramps which make loading vehicles simple and easy. Choose a lightweight aluminum car ramp, a fiberglass ramp or a steel car ramp, depending on your own specific needs.

Features of Car Loading Ramps

  • Auto loading ramps come in two separate pieces, so can be installed as close or far apart as you need. Some models can also be fixed together to form one solid ramp if needed.
  • Car trailer ramps feature non-slip surfaces which aid traction when driving or pulling the vehicle up the car ramp.
  • Vehicle ramps can be 14” or 18” wide, accommodating most tire widths with no problem.
  • Car loading ramps attach to the trailer or truck using hooks and chains, making sure that safety is never compromised on.
  • Auto ramps can have a total capacity of up to 5,500 LBS, meaning they are suitable even for heavier vehicles.

If you need car ramps for your workplace, look no further. Browse our selection of auto ramps and car trailer ramps online, where you will be sure to find a product to meet your needs. For more information and expert advice, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-990-1150 during office hours.