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Easily Handle Roll Material With A Forklift Carpet Pole

Forklift carpet poles also called rug rams are designed to assist in the transport of rolls of carpet, pipes and other coil and roll materials from one location to the next. Unlike flat forks, which are intended for use with flat loads like pallets and boxes, carpet poles are long, round poles designed to fit through the center of a cylindrical or coiled shape. Carpet poles generally range in size from 108” long up to 144” long. Quality poles are made of fatigue resistant steel allowing for the safe and efficient movement of roll material via forklift.


Equipping your organization with the right forklift attachments makes it easier, safer, and faster for workers to get the job done. While it’s possible to find workarounds for the many different types of materials you need to move, it is always a better option to invest in the correct tools for the job. Forklift carpet poles are necessary accessories for any warehouse or shop environment that regularly moves carpet rolls, roll materials, coil materials, pipes, and other cylindrical objects. Moving objects of this nature on traditional forks can be dangerous for workers and could cause damage to the load material or the forklift.


There are two main types of Forklift carpet poles; Fork Mounted and Carriage Mounted.


Traditional fork mounted carpet poles slide directly onto the forks or a forklift and feature a pole that is on the same level as the forks. Inverted fork mounted carpet poles feature a pole that by design is roughly 24” lower than the forks which allows the roll material to pass under the forks when loading thereby avoiding damage that could occur due to accidental contact of the roll and forks.


Carriage mounted forklift carpet poles connect directly to the forklift carriage for the easy transport of roll material. It’s important to note that carriage mounted carpet poles are split by class; class I poles are rated for loads up to 5,550 pounds and offer bar spacing of 16”, while class II poles are rated for loads up to 10,000 and are spaced at 20”.



HOF Equipment Company carries a full range of Vestil Rug Rams. For more information about which type of pole would be best for your application please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150 with any questions.



Forklift Carpet Pole

     Fork Mounted Carpet Pole



Forklift Carpet Pole

     Inverted Fork Mounted Carpet Pole



Forklift Carpet Pole

     Carriage Mounted Carpet Pole



Forklift Carpet Pole