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Aluminum Tread Plate Tool Boxes

Vestil APTS-2460
Vestil APTS-3660-C with casters
Vestil APTS-2448-CF with casters and fork pockets
Vestil APTS-3660-CF with casters and fork pockets
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SKU: APTS-3660


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Vestil Aluminum Tread Plate Portable Tool Boxes, APTS Series are built tough to protect tools and other materials from theft or unauthorized use. Made of 1/8" thick diamond tread plate aluminum for a long service life. Portable Aluminum tool boxes feature two sturdy carry handles, a uniform capacity of 2,500 LBS and a safety latch for padlock (padlock not included). Aluminum storage boxes may be purchased with casters and fork pockets for additional methods of transport - see all available models in the chart below.


Vestil APTS series portable aluminum tool boxes are built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 to 25 business days.



  • Capacity: 2500 LBS
  • Usable size: 36"x24"x24" to 60"x24"x36" (see below)
  • Features casters, fork pockets or both (depending on model)
  • Made of 1/8" thick diamond tread plate aluminum


Vestil Aluminum Tread Plate Portable Tool Boxes:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Overall Size (WxDxH)Usable Size (WxDxH)WeightPriceQty
APTS-24362500 LBS37-1/4"x25-7/8"x25-1/16"36"x24"x24"86 LBS $547.00
APTS-2436-C2500 LBS - With Casters37-1/4"x25-7/8"x32-11/16"36"x24"x24"111 LBS $684.00
APTS-2436-F2500 LBS - With Fork Pockets37-1/4"x25-7/8"x28-1/16"36"x24"x24"88 LBS $669.00
APTS-24482500 LBS 49-1/4"x25-1/16"x24"48"x24"x24"92 LBS $645.00
APTS-2448-C2500 LBS - With Casters49-1/4"x25-7/8"x32-11/16"48"x24"x24"118 LBS $761.00
APTS-2448-F2500 LBS - With Fork Pockets49-1/4"x25-7/8"x28-1/16"48"x24"x24"95 LBS $760.00
APTS-2448-CF2500 LBS - With Casters & Fork Pockets49-1/4"x25-7/8"x32-3/4"48"x24"x24"121 LBS $849.00
APTS-36482500 LBS49-1/4"x25-7/8"x37-1/16"48"x24"x36"110 LBS $787.00
APTS-3648-C2500 LBS - With Casters49-1/4"x25-7/8"x44-11/16"48"x24"x36"137 LBS $904.00
APTS-3648-F2500 LBS - With Fork Pockets49-1/4"x25-7/8"x40-1/16"48"x24"x36"113 LBS $903.00
APTS-3648-CF2500 LBS - With Casters & Fork Pockets49-1/4"x25-7/8"x44-3/4"48"x24"x36"139 LBS $992.00
APTS-24602500 LBS61-1/4"x25-7/8"x25-1/16"60"x24"x24"137 LBS $759.00
APTS-2460-C2500 LBS - With Casters61-1/4"x25-7/8"x32-3/4"60"x24"x24"162 LBS $882.00
APTS-2460-F2500 LBS - With Fork Pockets61-1/4"x25-7/8"x28-1/16"60"x24"x24"145 LBS $880.00
APTS-2460-CF2500 LBS - With Casters & Fork Pockets61-1/4"x25-7/8"x32-3/4"60"x24"x24"165 LBS $969.00
APTS-30602500 LBS61-1/4"x25-7/8"x31-1/16"60"x24"x30"152 LBS $824.00
APTS-3060-C2500 LBS - With Casters61-1/4"x25-7/8"x38-3/4"60"x24"x30"176 LBS $948.00
APTS-3060-CF2500 LBS - With Casters & Fork Pockets61-1/4"x25-7/8"x38-3/4"60"x24"x30"179 LBS $1,034.00
APTS-3060-F2500 LBS - With Fork Pockets61-1/4"x 25-7/8"x34-1/16"60"x24"x30"154 LBS $947.00
APTS-36602500 LBS61-1/4"x25-7/8"x37-1/16"60"x24"x36"165 LBS $903.00
APTS-3660-C2500 LBS - With Casters61-1/4"x25-7/8"x44-3/4"60"x24"x36" 190 LBS $1,024.00
APTS-3660-F2500 LBS - With Fork Pockets61-1/4"x25-7/8"x40-1/16"60"x24"x36"154 LBS $1,025.00
APTS-3660-CF2500 LBS - With Casters & Fork Pockets61-1/4"x25-7/8"x40-1/16"60"x24"x36"193 LBS $1,091.00

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