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Aardwolf SPVL-100 Small Vacuum Lifter

Aardwolf SPVL-100 Small Vacuum Lifter
Aardwolf SPVL-100 Vacuum Glass Lifter
Aardwolf SPVL-100 Drawing
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The Aardwolf SPVL-100 Small Vacuum Lifter is a compact vacuum glass lifter which can lift sheets or panels of glass or stone weighing up to 265 LBS, with the aid of an overhead lifting device. This vacuum lifter is powered by a Venturi vacuum generator which runs on factory compressed air, and does not need electricity. There are no moving parts, so it does not require lubrication. To use, simply slide the ON/OFF valve to attach or release materials. Visual and audio alarms powered by a clip-in battery provide increased safety. The Aardwolf SPVL-100 Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter is made of all aluminum, including the suction pad.

The Aardwolf SPVL-100 has an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3-5 business days.



  • Maximum capacity: 265 LBS
  • Venturi Vacuum generator requires 4/6 Bar compressed air
  • 61 cubic inch vacuum reservoir
  • Audio and visual alarms powered by clip-in battery
  • All aluminum construction including suction pad
  • Standard gaskets are made of rubberized fabric and mousse, suitable for smooth, flamed and bush-hammered surfaces
  • Overall size: 9.44"W x 15.74"L x 19.37"H
  • Weight: 26 LBS




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