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Aardwolf Self-Locking Slab Dollies

SL155 Self-Locking Dolly
Aardwolf Self-Locking Dollies
Aardwolf SL60 Self-Locking Panel Dolly
Aardwolf SL100 Self-Locking Slab Dolly
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$293.00 - $433.00
SKU: SL100


Additional Info

Aardwolf Self-Locking Slab Dollies are a space-saving way to transport slabs, panels or sheets of materials around a workshop or factory floor. Each panel dolly has large pneumatic wheels which provide high adherence on any surface. Self-locking dollies feature vulcanized rubber over the clamps and base, protecting slabs from scratches or chips. Clamps automatically grip slabs or panels as they are placed onto the dolly; the heavier the load, the stronger the grip. Grip range begins at 0-2" on model SL60, and reaches 0-6" on the SL155 slab dolly. Model SL100 has a swivel caster, while all other models have a folding support leg to enable them to stand alone. All Self-Locking dollies come standard with a removable handle, to facilitate transport. Aardwolf Panel Dollies can be easily used by a single operator.




Aardwolf Self-Locking Slab Dollies:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Rubber WheelsGrip RangeWeightPriceQty
SL60882 LBS - with Support Leg10.4" dia.0-2"31 LBS $293.00
SL85882 LBS - with Support Leg15.7" dia.0-3"57 LBS $423.00
SL100882 LBS - with Swivel Caster15.7" dia.0-4"62 LBS $407.00
SL155882 LBS - with Support Leg15.7" dia.0-6"66 LBS $433.00

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