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Aardwolf FB1-2720 Telescoping Forklift Boom

Aardwolf FB1-2720 Telescoping Forklift Boom
Aardwolf FB1-2720 Forklift Boom
Aardwolf FB1-2720 Forklift Boom shown with AL Slab Lifter
SS15T Optional Forged Aluminum Swivel Attachment
Forklift Boom shown with Forged Aluminum Swivel and Slab Lifter
SSC15T Optional Swivel-Chain-Lifting Lug Combo
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SKU: FB1-2720


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The Aardwolf FB1-2720 Telescoping Forklift Boom fits easily over forklift forks, and is ideal for a variety of lifting and transporting tasks. This heavy-duty forklift boom attachment comes standard with a swivel hook at the end of the boom and has three possible hook positions: at 63", 85" and 107". The two-section boom is designed so that it cannot be pulled out completely and comes standard with one swivel hook. Lifting capacity is 3,300 LBS at 63" and 1,100 LBS at 107". Individual fork pockets measure 2.3" x 5.9", on 14.4" centers. This telescoping forklift boom attaches onto forks by two bolts and restraint pins at the back of each fork. The Aardwolf FB1-2720 Forklift Boom is made from high-grade Australian rectangular tube steel for durability and safety.



  • Telescoping boom secured with bolts and restraint pins
  • Fork pockets are 5.9"W x 2.3"H on 14.4" centers
  • Swivel hook
  • Maximum extended length: 107"
  • Weight: 201 LBS




  • SS15T Forged Aluminum Swivel fits directly onto the forklift boom, reducing headroom. Especially recommended for use with the Aardwolf Slab lifters.
  • SSC15T Combo Swivel-Chain-Lifting Lug - allows flex between boom and load, preventing slab breakage when going over rough terrain



Aardwolf Telescoping Forklift Boom:
FB1-2720Max. Capacity 3300 LBS201 LBS $909.00
SS1.5TForged Aluminum Swivel - 3307 LBS1 LBS $80.00
SSC1.5TCombo Swivel-Chain-Lifting Lug - 3307 LBS3.2 LBS $107.00

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