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Aardwolf AVBL Vacuum Stone Lifters

Aardwolf AVBL1000 Vacuum Stone Lifter
Aardwolf AVBL380 Vacuum Block Lifter
Aardwolf AVBL380 Vacuum Lifter
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$2,145.00 - $3,169.00


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Aardwolf Vacuum Stone Lifters, models AVBL380 and AVBL1000, attach to an overhead lifting device and make lifting heavy blocks simple and easy. Powered by a 12V battery, these vacuum block lifters have a non-stop working time of 5 hours, with a vacuum flow rate of 32.5 liters per minute. Model AVBL380 has a single vacuum pump, while AVBL1000 features two vacuum pumps; the operator can use one or two pumps depending on the porosity of the load. Safety features include: flashlight, audio alarm and vacuum gauge. Aardwolf AVLP Vacuum Lifter Vacuum stone lifters come standard with a parking station, to protect the vacuum pad when not in use.



  • Vacuum flow rate: 32.5 liters / min
  • Powered by rechargeable 12V battery, with 12V DC adapter and battery charge indicator. Standby time: 720 hrs/ Charging cycle: 1000 times / Charging time: 8 hrs / Non-stop working time: 5 hrs
  • Slide valve with ON/OFF position for grip / release
  • Audio alarm, flashlight, vacuum gauge
  • Built-in parking station




Aardwolf AVBL Vacuum Stone Lifters:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Vacuum Pad SizeWeightPriceQty
AVBL380838 LBS - Single Pump20.5" x 15"121 LBS $2,145.00
AVBL10002204 LBS - Two Pumps31.5" x 19.7"209 LBS $3,169.00

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