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Aardwolf ASL Scissor Lifters

Aardwolf ASL125 Scissor Lifter
Aardwolf ASL450 Scissor Lifter
Aardwolf ASL Scissor Lifters
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Aardwolf ASL Scissor Lifters are designed to lift stone slabs, barriers, kerbs, walls and tombstones, with the aid of an overhead lifting device. Simply position the lifter over the object to be lifted, lower and then raise, and the gravity-operated locking latch will automatically grip the object. Grip range begins at 0" to 4" for the smallest model, up to 12" to 18" for the largest. Release is fully automatic when the stone comes to rest completely on the ground. Aardwolf ASL scissor lifting clamps are equipped with long-lasting polyurethane gripping pads, and have a rubber-lined bar to prevent damage to the material.



  • Capacity: 1653 to 4410 LBS (depending on model)
  • Grip ranges: 0" to 4" to 12" to 18"(depending on model)
  • Lifts stone slabs, barriers, kerbs, walls and tombstones
  • Features gravity-operated locking latch that automatically grips object
  • Equipped with long-lasting polyurethane gripping pads
  • Clamps have rubber lined bar that prevents damage to the material
  • Meets OSHA requirements




Aardwolf Automatic Scissor Lifters:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Grip RangeOverall Size (W x L x D)WeightPriceQty
ASL1051653 LBS0" to 4"24.8" x 15.67" x 7.09"53 LBS $352.00
ASL1251653 LBS0" to 5"29.92" x 15.12" x 7.09"64 LBS $422.00
ASL2002204 LBS2" to 8"30.71" x 22.05" x 7.87"104 LBS $627.00
ASL3003307 LBS6" to 12"26.77" x 16.69" x 7.87"106 LBS $637.00
ASL4504410 LBS12" to 18"37.4" x 25.75" x 7.87"187 LBS $957.00

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