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Aardwolf AHVL500 Hand Held Vacuum Lifter

Aardwolf AHVL500 Hand Held Vacuum Lifter
Aardwolf Vacuum Lifter
Aardwolf AHVL500 Vacuum Lifter Drawing
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The Aardwolf AHVL500 Hand Held Vacuum Lifter attaches to an overhead lifting device and makes lifting stone, concrete and foam simple and easy. Powered completely by a Venturi vacuum generator, this vacuum block lifter requires only a source of compressed air and no electricity. This versatile vacuum stone lifter comes standard with four different sized vacuum pads, which ensure a good fit for any size and weight of material. Pads come in the following sizes: 20.5" x 5" - 265 LB Capacity / 20.5" x 6.3" - 397 LB Capacity / 20.5" x 8.7" - 617 LB Capacity & 20.5" x 12.6" - 1,102 LB Capacity. Safety features include a vacuum guage and a battery-powered audio alarm. The Aardwolf Vacuum Lifter model AHVL-500 consumes 180 liters/min of compressed air, at a pressure of 5 bars.



  • Lifts stone, concrete and foam
  • Comes standard with 4 vacuum pads; capacity ranges from 265 LBS for the smallest pad to 1,102 LBS for the largest pad.
  • Powered by compressed air; requires 5 bar pressure, consumes 180 liters per minute
  • Audio alarm system powered by rechargeable 3.7V Lipo battery, with 5V DC adapter . Standby time: 720 hrs/ Charging cycle: 1000 times / Charging time: 2 hrs / Non-stop working time: 7 hrs
  • Slide valve with ON/OFF position for grip / release
  • Weight: 115 LBS (for entire set)




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