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Aardwolf AHLC Stone Lifting Clamps

Aardwolf AHLC730 Stone Lifting Clamp
Aardwolf AHLC1050 Stone Clamp
Aardwolf AHLC1370 Lifting Clamp
Aardwolf AHLC2010 Stone Lifting Clamp
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$1,466.00 - $2,064.00


Additional Info

Aardwolf AHLC series Stone Lifting Clamps are a versatile solution for lifting and transporting concrete and stone blocks, with the aid of an overhead lifting device such as a forklift truck or crane. These clamps feature a wide jaw with an adjustable opening, enabling them to grip large objects. Each model has a minimum grip size of 11", while the maximum grip range for the largest model reaches 79". The jaws are gravity-activated, automatically gripping and releasing when the clamp is raised or lowered. High-friction polyurethane gripping pads ensure a strong grip. The Aardwolf AHLC series Stone Lifting Clamps can lift objects weighing up to 3,307 LBS.




Aardwolf AHLC Stone Lifting Clamps:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Grip RangeOverall Size (W x L x D)WeightPriceQty
AHLC7303307 LBS11" to 28"45.87" x 29.13" x 7.87"247 LBS $1,466.00
AHLC10503307 LBS11" to 41"58.46" x 29.13" x 7.87"267 LBS $1,661.00
AHLC13703307 LBS11" to 54"71.06" x 29.13" x 7.87"273 LBS $1,780.00
AHLC20103307 LBS11" to 79"88.39" x 29.13" x 7.87"302 LBS $2,064.00

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