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Vestil Aluminum Gantry Cranes - 2,000 LB

Vestil AHA Aluminum Gantry Crane
Vestil AHA Aluminum Gantry Crane
Vestil FES-KIT Festoon System
Vestil AHA Options
Vestil AHS-STLO Stationary Leg Kit
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Vestil 2,000 LB Aluminum Gantry Cranes are designed to handle a variety of overhead lifting tasks. All aluminum construction makes these gantry cranes lightweight, rigid, and corrosion resistant. Pined connections allow for simple 2 person set up and take down in minutes. The lightweight I-Beam allows for expedited height adjustment without the need for a hoist or forklift. Height is adjustable in 6” increments. The distance between the uprights is adjustable by simply loosening locking plate bolts, moving the uprights, and then re-tightening bolts. Gantry Cranes features large 8" diameter 4 position locking swivel casters that allow the operator to lock casters at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° for easy transport of the crane. Vestil Aluminum Gantry Cranes are not designed to be moved while loaded.


2,000 LB Aluminum Gantry Cranes normally leave the warehouse in 3 to 5 business days.



  • All aluminum construction
  • S Type I-Beam
  • Usable distance between uprights is overall beam length minus 18"
  • Usable trolley travel length is overall beam length minus 24"
  • Height is adjustable in 6" increments
  • Distance between the uprights is adjustable
  • 8" four-position swivel locking phenolic casters(lock at 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°)
  • Base Width: 53½"



  • Festoon System, 115V AC - Model FES-KIT
  • Optional Ratcheting Come Alongs for easy one-person adjustment (set of 2). Not for lifting - Model AHA-KIT
  • Total Locking Casters - locks casters from swiveling and rolling. Does not allow user to lock casters in a fixed direction for rolling - Set of 4 - Model AHA-2/4-TLC
  • *Four-Way Lock 12"x3½" Pneumatic Casters (Reduces crane capacity to 1,500 LBS) Set of 4 - Model AHA-PNU-RF
  • 8" x 2" V-Groove Casters. Set of 4 - Model AHA-2/4-V
  • 10 foot section of v-groove track (sold individually, not in pairs) - Model V-Track
  • Stationary Leg Option – made of steel (factory installed) - Model AHS-STLO

Hoist and Trolley sold separately. Click link to see our selection of Hoists and Trolleys




Product should be inspected frequently to insure safe operation. Testing and inspection of the unit is the responsibility of the end user after final assembly has been completed. For further details see ASME B30.17.

Vestil 2,000 LB Aluminum Gantry Cranes:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Beam LengthUnder I-Beam Usable HeightFlange WidthWeightPriceQty
AHA-2-8-82000 LBS8'5'8" to 8'2"3.31"235 LBS $2,311.00
AHA-2-8-102000 LBS8'7'8" to 10'2"3.31"236 LBS $2,500.00
AHA-2-8-122000 LBS8'9'6" to 12'3.31"246 LBS $2,623.00
AHA-2-10-82000 LBS10'5'8" to 8'2"3.31"231 LBS $2,580.00
AHA-2-10-102000 LBS10'7'8" to 10'2"3.31"252 LBS $2,668.00
AHA-2-10-122000 LBS10'9'6" to 12'3.31"261 LBS $2,835.00
AHA-2-12-82000 LBS12'5'8" to 8'2"4"266 LBS $2,938.00
AHA-2-12-102000 LBS12'7'8" to 10'2"4"274 LBS $3,049.00
AHA-2-12-122000 LBS12'9'6" to 12'4"286 LBS $3,200.00
AHA-2-15-82000 LBS15'5'8" to 8'2"4.17"319 LBS $3,692.00
AHA-2-15-102000 LBS15'7'8" to 10'2"4.17"364 LBS $3,992.00
AHA-2-15-122000 LBS15'9'6" to 12'4.17"371 LBS $4,171.00
FES-KITFestoon System, 115V AC16 LBS $141.00
AHA-KITSet of 2 Ratcheting Come Alongs - Allows for one-person height adjustment14 LBS $95.00
AHA-2/4-TLCTotal Locking Casters - Set of 435 LBS $280.00
AHA-PNU-RFFour-Way Locking 12"x3.5" Pneumatic Casters (1,500 lb.Cap.) Set of 445 LBS $411.00
AHA-2/4-V8" x 2" V-Groove Casters - Set of 440 LBS $211.00
V-TRACK10 Foot Section Of V-groove Track (single side)52 LBS $150.00
AHS-STLOSteel Stationary Leg Option - Factory Installed25 LBS $206.00

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