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Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All Terrain Pallet Truck - 48" Forks

Vestil ALL-T-2-48
Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All Terrain Pallet Truck
Vestil ALL-TBB
Vestil ALL-TBB Tow Bar for All Terrain Pallet Truck
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$1,092.00 - $1,272.00
SKU: ALL-T-2-48

The Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All Terrain Pallet Truck has a lightweight tubular frame designed to haul loads weighing 1,000 LBS at a 24” load center over rough terrain – see full capacity range in specifications below. 48" long forks allow for the easy transport of standard 48" x 40" pallets. 15” diameter front and 10” diameter rear pneumatic wheels allow for travel over most surface types. This rough terrain pallet truck features a fork width that adjusts from 9½" O.D. to 26" O.D. and an inside straddle width of 50”. A three position handle houses UP, DOWN and NEUTRAL controls. The lift service range is 3¹⁄₈" lowered to 9" fully raised. ALL-TTB optional tow bar package allows the pallet truck to be towed by an ATV or tractor. The Vestil ALL-T-2-48 all terrain pallet jack ships fully assembled on a skid.

When lifting a standard 40" x 48" pallet (24" load center), the maximum capacity of the Vestil ALL-T-2-48 rough terrain pallet truck is 1,000 LBS (see capacities in specifications below).

When loaded with greater than 1,000 LBS, this rough terrain pallet jack may be difficult for a single person to pull - we suggest using the optional tow bar if you expect to be carrying heavy loads - see options below.



  • 4" wide x 48" long forks to easily carry standard 40" x 48" pallets
  • Capacity: 2,000 LBS at a 12" horizontal load ctr, 1,500 LBS at a 15" horizontal load ctr, and 1,000 LBS at a 24" horizontal load ctr
  • Fork service range is 3¹⁄₈" high to 9" high
  • Fork Width Adjustment: 9½"O.D. to 26"O.D.
  • Inside straddle width 50" / Outside straddle width 64"
  • Oversized 15" front pneumatic wheels & 10" rear pneumatic wheels
  • Three position handle with UP, DOWN, and NEUTRAL controls
  • Sealed bearings to withstand outdoor elements
  • Overall Size: 65"W x 63"L x 51"H



  • Optional Tow Bar package (Model ALL-TTB) allows the All Terrain Pallet Truck to be towed by an ATV or small utility tractor.




Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All Terrain Pallet Jack:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Fork LengthService RangeWeightPriceQty
ALL-T-2-48See Specifications Above48"3" to 9" 378 LBS ($1,092.00)
ALL-TTBOptional Tow Bar - For Use With Tractor or ATV20 LBS ($180.00)

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