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Vestil SPS2-2236 Stock Picking Cart
Vestil SPS2 Stock Picking Carts

2 Shelves / Max. Capacity 1,000 LBS

Vestil SPS3-2840 Stock Picking Cart
Vestil SPS3 Stock Picking Carts

3 shelves / Max. Capacity 1,000 LBS

Vestil SPA2-2236 Stock Picking Cart
Vestil SPA2 Aluminum Stock Picking Carts

2 Shelves / Max. Capacity 660 LBS

Vestil SPA3-2840 Stock Picking Cart
Vestil SPA3 Aluminum Stock Picking Carts

3 Shelves / Max. Capacity 660 LBS

Vestil SPS-HD Stock Picking Cart
Vestil SPS-HD Stock Picking Carts

Large Platform Size

Vestil SPS-HF Stock Picking Cart
Vestil SPS-HF Stock Picking Carts

Large Platform Size, Extended Height


When you need to stock shelves or prepare products, using a separate ladder and cart can be a nuisance. Stock picking ladder carts combine the two and make it easy for workers to reach products on shelves and transport them around the workplace. These warehouse picking carts roll on casters and have an automatic lock system which activates when the worker steps on the ladder. Order picking carts are available in steel or aluminum construction, with two or three shelves for storage.

Types of stock picking carts

  • Steel stock picker carts – These are durable and have a maximum capacity of 1,000 LBS for the cart. Finished with a blue powder coat, these order picking trucks are hardwearing and long-lasting.
  • Aluminum order picking carts – These are lightweight carts which are easy to push even when loaded. With a maximum cart capacity of 660 LBS, these picking carts with ladder are able to handle most applications.
  • Cantilever warehouse picking carts – These allow for oversized packages on the bottom shelf, making best use of the available space.

With spring-loaded ladders, stock picker carts are extremely safe – they cannot be moved while the ladder is in use. When the user steps off the ladder, it automatically returns to the raised position, ready to be moved. High quality casters with wheel brakes allow the cart to be positioned safely even when not in use. If you work with packages on shelves, a stock picking ladder cart may be the right choice for you! Browse our selection online or contact us at 888-990-1150 for more information.