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Vestil UNI Lift & Tilt Tables - 2,000 LB Capacity

Vestil UNI-4848-2-BLU-230-3
All models also available in Yellow
Vestil UNI-2448-2-BLU-208-3 Lift & Tilt Table
Vestil FC-2 Optional Foot Control
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SKU: UNI-4848-2-BLU-230-3


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Vestil UNI Lift & Tilt Tables are ideal for positioning heavy containers within easy reach of machine operators and assembly line workers. Electric lifts aid in reducing fatigue by decreasing repetitive bending and stretching which would otherwise be needed to take components from containers. A two button hand pendant control comes standard, while an optional foot pedal control is also available - see Options chart below. A selector pedal allows the operator to lift while tilting or tilt then lift. Vestil UNI Lift And Tilt tables must be lagged to floor during use. Made from welded steel with a blue powder coat finish for durability.

Vestil UNI Lift & Tilt Tables are built to order. 460V models have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 90 business days; all other models are estimated to ship in 120 business days.



  • Maximum tilt angle is 40°
  • Level deck height is 8"
  • 2,000 LB Capacity
  • Choose from various voltages - see chart below
  • Platform includes a 12" high lip on tilt side
  • Two button hand pendant control
  • Integrated maintenance lock
  • Pressure plated pump
  • Pressure compensated flow valve
  • Lowering valve and independent oil return
  • Adjustable upward travel limit switch
  • Welded steel construction with blue powder coat finish

All models are also available in YELLOW color - Contact HOF for details.



  • Foot Control (replaces hand control) - Model FC-2
  • Three sided accordion skirt available - Contact HOF Equipment Company for pricing



Vestil UNI Lift & Tilt Tables - 2,000 LB Capacity:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Platform (WxL)Power UnitWeightPriceQty
UNI-2448-2-BLU-115-12000 LBS / 115V 1PH24"x48"External606 LBS $2,970.00
UNI-2448-2-BLU-208-32000 LBS / 208V 3PH24"x48"External606 LBS $2,970.00
UNI-2448-2-BLU-230-12000 LBS / 230V 1PH24"x48"External606 LBS $2,970.00
UNI-2448-2-BLU-230-32000 LBS / 230V 3PH24"x48"External606 LBS $2,970.00
UNI-2448-2-BLU-460-32000 LBS / 460V 3PH24"x48"External606 LBS $2,881.00
UNI-3648-2-BLU-115-12000 LBS / 115V 1PH36"x48"Internal640 LBS $3,040.00
UNI-3648-2-BLU-208-32000 LBS / 208V 3PH36"x48"Internal640 LBS $3,040.00
UNI-3648-2-BLU-230-12000 LBS / 230V 1PH36"x48"Internal640 LBS $3,040.00
UNI-3648-2-BLU-230-32000 LBS / 230V 3PH36"x48"Internal640 LBS $3,040.00
UNI-3648-2-BLU-460-32000 LBS / 460V 3PH36"x48"Internal640 LBS $2,951.00
UNI-4048-2-BLU-115-12000 LBS / 115V 1PH48"x48"Internal696 LBS $3,072.00
UNI-4048-2-BLU-208-32000 LBS / 208V 3PH40"x48"Internal696 LBS $3,072.00
UNI-4048-2-BLU-230-12000 LBS / 230V 1PH40"x48"Internal696 LBS $3,072.00
UNI-4048-2-BLU-230-32000 LBS / 230V 3PH40"x48"Internal696 LBS $3,072.00
UNI-4048-2-BLU-460-32000 LBS / 460V 3PH40"x48"Internal696 LBS $2,982.00
UNI-4848-2-BLU-115-12000 LBS / 115V 1PH48"x48"Internal771 LBS $3,102.00
UNI-4848-2-BLU-208-32000 LBS / 208V 3PH48"x48"Internal771 LBS $3,102.00
UNI-4848-2-BLU-230-12000 LBS / 230V 1PH48"x48"Internal771 LBS $3,102.00
UNI-4848-2-BLU-230-32000 LBS / 230V 3PH48"x48"Internal771 LBS $3,102.00
UNI-4848-2-BLU-460-32000 LBS / 460V 3PH48"x48"Internal771 LBS $3,013.00
UNI-5448-2-BLU-115-12000 LBS / 115V 1PH54"x48"Internal885 LBS $3,372.00
UNI-5448-2-BLU-208-32000 LBS / 208V 3PH54"x48"Internal885 LBS $3,372.00
UNI-5448-2-BLU-230-12000 LBS / 230V 1PH54"x48"Internal885 LBS $3,372.00
UNI-5448-2-BLU-230-32000 LBS / 230V 3PH54"x48"Internal885 LBS $3,372.00
UNI-5448-2-BLU-460-32000 LBS / 460V 3PH54"x48"Internal885 LBS $3,283.00
FC-2Optional Foot Control (replaces two button hand control)0 LBS $150.00

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