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Vestil VTR Aluminum Vehicle Ramps

Vestil VTR Aluminum Vehicle Ramp
Vestil VTR-6-14-14 Aluminum Vehicle Twin Ramp
Vestil Aluminum Vehicle Ramp
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$2,756.00 - $5,364.00
SKU: VTR-7-14-12


The Morse 910 electric drum racker features powered drive and powered lift operation to rack 55 gallon (210 liter) steel and plastic drums with a top rim. This powerful drum stacker can lift a drum weighing up to 800 LBS (363 kg) to a maximum height of 10.5 feet (3.2 m) high. The Morse self-propelled drum racker allows the operator to quickly and easily move drums on to and off of racks, pallets, and trucks. Upright drums can be lifted, rotated, and then placed horizontally in the desired location. Ideal for racking rimmed 55 gallon steel or plastic drums side by side with almost no clearance between them. The ergonomic control handle features lift and lower buttons, speed control, horn, and a belly switch for safety. The dashboard houses levers to control lift and lower and tilt functions as well as on/off switch, battery disconnect, and battery discharge gauge. Electric drum stacker travels at up to 3 M.P.H. fully loaded and may be used on grades up to 5%. The Morse 910 is a high quality, industrial duty drum racker that is built to last.


The Morse 910 Electric Drum Racker is built to order with an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 14 weeks.



  • Designed to lift a drum sitting in the vertical position, rotate drum to the horizontal position and then rack the horizontal drum.
  • Fully powered drive, lift, and drum rotation.
  • Capacity: 800 LBS
  • Straddle legs adjust width wise from 38" I.D. to 50" I.D. to straddle various pallet sizes
  • Max. Lift Height: 10.5’
  • Max. Travel Speed is 3 M.P.H. fully loaded | 3.6 M.P.H. empty
  • May be used on grades up to 5% when traveling with the carriage and attachment below the high speed cutoff height
  • Max. Lift Speed: 25 ft/min fully loaded | 39 ft/min empty
  • 24V battery with 110V integral smart charger (charging time is approx. 8 hours)
  • Ergonomic steer handle features twist speed control, lift/lower controls, horn, and safety belly-button reverse switch
  • Raise /lower control handle to actuate walkie brake and feather speed control for accurate payload positioning
  • “Dead-man” braking activates when spring loaded handle returns to the upright position
  • Stress-relief weld joints for years of service for years of dependable service




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Vestil VTR Aluminum Vehicle Twin Ramps :
SKUCapacity/Desc.LengthMax. to Min. Working HeightWeightPriceQty
VTR-5.5-14-105500 LBS120-1/2"22-1/2" to 16"382 LBS $2,838.00
VTR-5.5-14-165500 LBS190-1/2"36-1/2" to 25-1/2"586 LBS $3,293.00
VTR-5.5-14-205500 LBS240-1/2"46" to 32-1/2"889 LBS $4,299.00
VTR-5.5-14-245500 LBS288-1/2"55-1/2" to 39"1083 LBS $5,364.00
VTR-6-14-146000 LBS168-1/2"32" to 22-1/2"487 LBS $2,931.00
VTR-6-14-186000 LBS216-1/2"41" to 29"801 LBS $3,922.00
VTR-7-14-87000 LBS96-1/2"17-1/2" to 12-1/2"226 LBS $2,815.00
VTR-7-14-127000 LBS144-1/2"27" to 19"417 LBS $2,756.00

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