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Vestil TS Steel Dock Boards

Vestil TS-10 Steel Dock Board
Vestil TS-10 Steel Dock Board
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$478.00 - $1,355.00
SKU: TS-10-6048

Vestil Steel Truck Dock Boards, models TS-10-6036, TS-10-6048, TS-10-6060, TS-10-7236, TS-10-7248, TS-10-7254, TS-10-7260, TS-15-6036, TS-15-6048, TS-10-6060, TS-15-7236, TS-15-7248, TS-15-7254, & TS-15-7260 are built from high strength (55,000 PSI) steel for a long service life. Units feature a beveled edge on both ends to allow smooth entry and exit. A lever lift comes standard and optional pickup chains are available. Locking legs minimize ramp movement and are uneven allowing the dock board to sit canted for easy forklift pickup. When using three-wheeled forklifts, select capacity at +20% due to concentrated load on center of board.


Additional sizes available in widths of 60", 72" & 84" with capacities ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 LBS - please contact us for pricing information.



  • The bend is 11 degrees and 9" from beveled edge

  • Legs are 12" from beveled edge

  • Tread plate deck provides positive traction

  • Locking legs minimize ramp movement

  • Complies with OSHA



  • Lifting Chains (replaces standard Lever lift) - Models LC48-66-STL & LC72-84-STL


          (except models noted below)



Vestil Steel Dock Boards:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (WxL)Height Diff.Leaves Warehouse in 3 Bus DaysWeightPriceQty
TS-10-603610,000 LBS60" x 36"5"Yes259 LBS $478.00
TS-10-604810,000 LBS 60" x 48"7"Yes388 LBS $616.00
TS-10-606010,000 LBS 60" x 60"10"No447 LBS $889.00
TS-10-723610,000 LBS 72"x 36"5"Yes300 LBS $553.00
TS-10-724810,000 LBS 72" x 48"7"Yes386 LBS $721.00
TS-10-725410,000 LBS 72" x 54"8-1/2"No556 LBS $939.00
TS-10-726010,000 LBS 72" x 60"10"No563 LBS $1,043.00
TS-15-603615,000 LBS 60" x 36"5"No295 LBS $553.00
TS-15-604815,000 LBS 60" x 48"7"Yes390 LBS $721.00
TS-15-606015,000 LBS 60"x 60"10"Yes458 LBS $909.00
TS-15-723615,000 LBS 72" x 36"5"Yes347 LBS $642.00
TS-15-724815,000 LBS 72" x 48"7"Yes386 LBS $839.00
TS-15-725415,000 LBS 72" x 54"8-1/2"Yes505 LBS $942.00
TS-15-726015,000 LBS 72" x 60"10"Yes552 LBS $1,061.00
TS-15-727215,000 LBS72" x 72"12"No668 LBS $1,282.00
LC48-66-STLLifting Chains 48" to 66"0 LBS $65.00
LC72-84-STLLifting Chains 72" to 84"0 LBS $73.00

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