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Vestil TAP-3 Horizontal Drum Tap

Vestil TAP-3 Horizontal Drum Tap
Vestil TAP-3
TAP-3 Plug Type
Vestil TAP-3
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The Vestil TAP-3 Horizontal Drum Tap allows the user to open a 2" drum bung, empty the contents of the drum, and close the drum bung, all with the drum in the horizontal position. This product eliminates the need to rotate the drum into the vertical position to gain access. Operation is simple: attach Drum Tap to bung with locking ring, push handle towards drum and twist to unscrew bung, pull handle out away from drum to empty drum contents. Reverse the operation to close drum and remove Drum Tap from bung. This unique product saves time and reduces the risk of spills. The Vestil TAP-3 drum tap may be used to fill drums in the horizontal position with the bung positioned at the top of the drum. Constructed of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene and the O-rings are made of nitrile rubber.

The TAP-3 drum faucet has an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3 business days.



1) Insert Tappo into the large drum plug. Connect Tappo to drum by turning the lock ring to the right.

2) With the Tappo Drum Dispenser there is no risk of coming into contact with harmful fluids. Unscrew the drum plug cap by turning the handle to the left. You have complete control over the flow by moving handle towards you.

3) On completion of tapping: Screw in the drum plug with the handle and disconnect Tappo from the drum by turning the lock ring in the opposite direction.

4) Tappo also makes filling a drum simple. Just turn drum 180° so the spout is facing upwards.




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