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Vestil RERC Reel Racks - 10,000 LB Capacity

Vestil RERC-438-10 Reel Rack
Vestil RERC-A-438-10 Reel Rack Add On Section
Vestil RERC-338-10 Reel Rack
Vestil RERC-338-10 Reel Rack
Vestil RERC-3310-10 Reel Rack
Vestil RERC-4310-10 Reel Rack
Vestil Reel Rack
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$370.00 - $668.00
SKU: RERC-438-10


Vestil Reel Racks, models RERC-338-10, RERC-438-10, RERC-3310-10, & RERC-4310-10 allow the user to store and easily dispense rope, wire, hose, electric cable, and chain. 96" high racks feature 3 pairs of axle brackets while 120" high racks feature 4 pairs of axle brackets. Capacity per level is 2,500 LBS evenly distributed, with a total capacity per rack of 10,000 LBS. Axle brackets are adjustable on 2" centers and can accept axles up to 2¼" in diameter. Adjustable brackets allow the staggering of arms along the frame to accommodate various reel sizes. Axles come standard with reel rack. Add-on sections can be purchased separately, allowing extra storage width - see chart below. Vestil RERC Reel Racks must be secured to floor. Racks ship knocked down, simple assembly is required.



Vestil RERC Reel Racks:
SKUCapacity/Desc.CapacityOverall HeightOverall Width/DepthInclineWeightPriceQty
RERC-338-10Starter Kit10000 LBS97"39" / 36"71325 LBS $554.00
RERC-A-338-10Add On Section10000 LBS96"36" / 36"71225 LBS $370.00
RERC-438-10Starter Kit10000 LBS97"51-1/4" / 36"71344 LBS $601.00
RERC-A-438-10Add On Section 10000 LBS96"48" / 36"71244 LBS $416.00
RERC-3310-10Starter Kit10000 LBS121"39" / 36"77385 LBS $644.00
RERC-A-3310-10Add On Section10000 LBS120"36" / 36"77265 LBS $455.00
RERC-4310-10Starter Kit10000 LBS121"51-1/4" / 36"77409 LBS $668.00
RERC-A-4310-10Add On Section10000 LBS120"48" / 36"77289 LBS $510.00

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