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Vestil PM1-1532-MINI Pallet Jack

Vestil PM1-1532-MINI Pallet Jack
Vestil PM1-1532-MINI
Vestil PTC-8
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SKU: PM1-1532-MINI

The Vestil PM1-1532-MINI Pallet Jack is ideal for handling small skids and totes weighting up to 1,100 lbs. At just 149 LBS, this small pallet truck is lightweight for easy portability and requires little storage space when not in use. The fork dimensions are 15”W x 32”L and the service range is 3³⁄₈” to 7⁷⁄₈”. Truck is designed to be low maintenance and to provide many years of reliable service. The Vestil PM1-1532-MINI pallet truck features all steel construction with a yellow powder coat finish.



  • Capacity: 1,100 LBS

  • Compact design for use with small skids and totes

  • Fork Size: 15"W O.D. x 32"L

  • Individual Forks are 4"W

  • Service range: 3³⁄₈" lowered to 7⁷⁄₈" raised

  • Steel construction with yellow powder coat finish

  • Weight: 149 LBS



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by eigzat , 10/08/2018

Great little pallet jack for our narrow isles